Dounan Flower Market

Dounan Flower Market

Kunming Dounan Flower Market boasts the largest flower market nationwide. The market offers the blooms at wholesale prices. There are over 500 shops in the trade hall, selling local flowers as well as those from other provinces, and even some from other countries can be found. Lily, rose, forget-me-not, carnation, butterfly orchid, African daisy, baby breath and numerous other kinds are on offer, some of which are exotic and are sold in bundles. It is a virtual sea of flowers.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 斗南花市 Dòu Nán Huā Shì
  • Constructed: from Aug.18, 1998
  • Estimated visit duration: 1-2 hours
  • Ticket: free
  • Address: Dounan Town, Chenggong County, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
  • Open hours: 9:00-17:00
  • Best time to visit: From March to October
  • How to get there:
    Subway: Line 1/2. Get off at Dounan Station and take the C6 Bus, get off at Dounan Flower Market.
    Bus: Take the K32, C6, No. 12 or No. 215 bus to Dounan Flower Market Station.


Hall 1 Flowers


Available here are flowers and related products, such as dried flowers, essential oils, sachets and preserved flowers, which are all very lovely. Those who are fond of flowers will learn a lot from the cultural and creative industries. Wrapping materials are also comprehensively available.

Hall 2 Gifts

There is gold, jewels, jade, tourist commodities, folk arts and crafts, featured local souvenirs and flower arts. Please be awared of quarantine laws if you want to bring the plants out of China.

Hall 3 Lifestyle & Art

It is not only about bouquets of flowers. It is the lifestyle that matters. ‘Nandou Hall of Lifestyle&Art’ brings you a dream life that is delicate.

Hall 4 Kaleidoscope

The Dream World of Kaleidoscope is a parent-child park themed with flowers and imaginative plants of the future. Indoor amusement equipment with names such as ‘Mysterious Kingdom’, ‘Fantasy Forest’ and ‘Volcano Valley’ are all attractive to children.

flower sea word

Hall 5 Flowers Sea World

This is where people can see the flowers and animals in the sea. It is a good place for edutainment. There are shops here, and people can have a good look at the lovely coral thickets and dolphins. Sometimes, tourists will feel like they are lost in a sea of flowers.

Main Hall

Cut flowers, mini bonsai and greeting cards can all be bought here. Take an elevator to the second floor and you will have a full view of the top flower market in Yunnan. Cute succulent plants are ideal for office tables and living rooms.

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