Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot

Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot

Located about 62 kilometers (38m) south of Datong City of Shanxi Province, Mt. Hengshan was also called Xuanwu Mountain and Gaowei Mountain. It is one of the most famous Five Sacred Mountains (Wu Yue) along with Mount Tai in Shandong Province, Mount Hua in Shaanxi Province, Mount Heng in Hunan Province and Song Mountain in Henan Province. It is a geographical landmark of China and is the holy land of mainstream of Taoism in China. Tianfeng Summit, the main peak of Mt. Hengshan, is at an altitude of 2016 meters (6614ft). It is known as the “Sky Pillar” and “Mountain that overlooks the northern wilderness”.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 恒山 héng shān
  • Suggest time: 1 day
  • Ticket: RMB 55 per person (only entrance fee)
  • Address: Pingcheng District, Datong, Shanxi Province
  • Open hours: 6:00-19:00 for summer and 8:00-18:00 in winter
  • The best time to visit: from April to October
  • How to get there: take the coach from Datong to Mt. Hengshan and it will take only 90 minutes.

Highlights of Mount Heng

Eighteen Views of Mt. Hengshan
mountain heng

There are eighteen beautiful sites and gorgeous moments that Mt. Hengshan is famous for including the magnetic gorge and the rainfall, Longquan stream, Rainbow Bridge in Clouds, Sunset on the Dangerous Rock, and so on.

Taohua (Peach Blossom) Cave

Taohua Cave is located on Hengzong Peak behind the Zhenwu Grand Hall. It is a famous scenic spot. Its entrance faces south. It is three meters in height and 24 meters wide. The cave is 15 meters deep. Legend has it that this is where the Peach Blossom Fairy (taohua) practiced. In the spring and summer, the blooming peach blossoms and the willow greens complement each other, attracting many tourists.

the steps to the temple

Beiyue Temple, sitting on the west peak among the pines, is the leading temple. The Hanging Monastery is the most well-known temple for its variety of interesting architectural styles.

Fairy Cave Mansion

According to legend, Taoism has thirty-six cave heavens and seventy-two places of good earths. The immortals stay there. Ordinary people think that the land that reaches the sky means much blessing and they often admire that. Hermits of Taoism love to lead a life in the quiet mountain forests. So many legends are set against the huge mountains. They set up palaces and temples there for achieving full merit to get enlisted into the heaven. For generations, people have been living here or visiting here. The Fairy Cave Mansion has become another fantastic place of interest.

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