China's National Day / Golden Week

China's National Day / Golden Week

The first day of October is designated as China's National Day to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China. To celebrate such an event, the first week is known as “Golden Week” for the public holiday. The festival is celebrated with a military review and an evening gala.

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The History of China's National Day | China Independence Day

National celebrations in China's feudal society occurred on the emperor's accession and his birthday. In contemporary China, the National Day marks the founding of the People's Republic of China. Although Chinese won our independence on September 21, 1949, China's new government passed the “Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China” to make October 1st to be China's National Day. Hence, the day has become a great national festival.

The Significance of China's National Day and Why is it Important to Celebrate National Day

National Day is a universal symbol of China's sovereign independence, its emergence as a nation state. As a legal public holiday, it represents national cohesion. It is the time to honor the predecessors' contribution and look to the bright future.

National Day Activities:

The large scale celebration has mass appeal, and its form has varied in different periods, but the pleasure and pride of the country have never changed.

Flag-raising Ceremony

The flag-raising ceremony is held in Tian'anmen Square, the national flag guards march in tight order from Tian'anmen Gate Tower. With the anthem chorus stirring hearts and arms held strong in salute, the national flag is raised and flutters in the wind. The number of visitors attending the ceremony on Oct. 1st are 100 thousand more than on ordinary days.

Military Parade

The military parade suggests the military strength of China with a presentation lasting 66 minutes, for remembering national humiliation, recalling revolutionary martyrs, and lifting the national spirit.

Anniversary Activities

Communist party and status leaders offer flowers to the monument of the People's Heroes for commemorating martyrs in the liberation of China. Overseas Chinese Communities also hold a celebration and flag-raising ceremony during the festival.

An evening gala

The National Day evening gala showcases songs and dances on the theme of eulogizing the motherland and the modern era. All Chinese people feel a sense of patriotism and are in a festive mood.

Some Fun Facts about China's National Day

  1. Holiday: The schedule for National Day is not the same throughout China, and is the longest public holiday of the year in mainland China.
    Since 1999, the National Day holiday has been 7 days in mainland China (Golden Week), 2 days in Macao, and 1 day in Hong Kong.
  2. Decorated Streets: All government departments and public institutions hang lanterns and slogans of “Celebrate National Day”. Potted plants are placed in the main square and combine to form a slogan with balloons dotted about.
  3. Shopping: There are a great many shopping malls with special holiday deals to attract customers.
  4. Travel: Millions of citizens move across China, and many of them tend to swarm to resorts during this long holiday. The number of visitors increases by epic proportions year by year. Traveling in China during Golden Week is not a good choice, but if you have already decided to come, it is highly recommended that you join our tour for cultural exchange to avoid the large crowds, such as visiting Hutong, painting Beijing Opera Facial Masks and learning Taichi.
  5. Traffic: Traffic is definitely the heaviest on the first and last day of Golden Week, so airplane tickets are more expensive, and train tickets can be tough to find. It is wise to book ahead.
  6. Hotel: Hotels are extremely busy on national holidays, given the huge increase in domestic travel. It is possible that they will also be more costly at that time.
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