Guiyang Happy World

A Place for Kids to Play
Guiyang Happy World

Guiyang Happy World was transformed from the original Baiyun Park. It covers an area of more than 46 Ha. There are facilities such as a roller coaster, a Ferris Wheel, a double-decker luxury carousel, a Challenger game and a 4D cinema.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 贵阳欢乐世界 Guì yáng huān lè shì jiè
  • Estimated visit duration: 3-4 hours
  • Ticket: RMB 160 per adult, RMB 80 per child
  • Address: No. 483, South Baiyun Road, Baiyun District, Guiyang
  • Open hours: 9:30 - 18:30
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • How to get there: Take the Bus No. 1, No. 2, No. 10, No. 12, No. 13, No. 16, No. 22, No. 23, No. 25, No. 33, No.41, No. 46, No. 51, No. 53 or No. 72 or Coach No. 61 or 62 to get there.

Highlights of the Park

Roller Coaster

hanging roller coaster

The hanging roller coaster seals the cars and the supporting part out of the rails. People feel weightless. It is probably the king of its kind. The riders will find that only the seat top is connected to the rail and their feet are hanging in the air, which is quite thrilling. At present, there are only three of such facilities in China. When passengers are riding, they sometimes feel that they are falling at high speed up in the air, and sometimes feel like they are flying through the air. They will fully experience the unprecedented adrenaline rush from multiple flips, being completely weightless, and flying through the air.

Double-decker Carousel

The double-decker carousel has a magnificent appearance, exquisite and gorgeous decorative connotation, majestic momentum, beautiful lighting and a noble and elegant shape. It rotates like a crown. As the upper and lower layers rotate in different directions, the tourists go up and down with the galloping carousel. People may feel like they are flying in a fairyland or riding on horses galloping on grassland. It can bring about a dreamy moment.

108m High Ferris Wheel

63 luxury cabins will be hoisted when the Ferris Wheel starts. The maximum capacity is 378 passengers at a time. It takes about 25 minutes to get back to the ground. The speed is 4 meters per minute. If it is sunny, as the Ferris wheel slowly rises, you can see the sun and the new area of the city. The night scene is even more beautiful than that during the day, and visitors can enjoy a high night view from the Ferris wheel of the city in the evening.

Four-ring Roller Coaster

Four-ring Roller Coaster

The four-ring roller coaster is 30meters high and has a track that is 680 meters in length. It consists of two vertical rings and two spiral rings. The highest point of the track is about 34 meters. The train has a total of 6 four-passenger cars (including the head). A total of 24 passengers can travel at one time. It takes about 120 seconds to complete a round; It is the only roller coaster that enjoys a patent in China.

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