Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

The entrance to Heaven embedded in the sky
Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain

The lofty Tianmen Mountain is reputed to be the natural painted screen of Zhangjiajie City for its steepness and magnificence. Tianmen Mountain belongs to the platform-type Karst landform, with its mountaintop high up in the air but relatively flat. It boasts complete primitive secondary forests and many precious and unique varieties of plants, with a forest coverage rate reaching 90%. Tianmen Cave is a rare karst cave with high elevation penetrating the mountain. It runs through the towering cliff from South to North in an imposing and majestic manner, as if it were the entrance to Heaven embedded in the sky.

Tianmen Cave is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round, with scenes changing unpredictably. Sometimes, clouds of mist pour out from the Cave, accompanied by rays of sunlight. Such scenery is as beautiful and fantastic as dreamland. It seems that infinite mysteries of the world are hidden in the Cave. Since ancient times, beautiful spectacles of “misty Tianmen” and “radiant Tianmen” have been regarded as auspicious signs of Heaven as well as unparalleled wonders of the magic of nature, enjoying a widespread reputation.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese Name: 天门山国家森林公园 Tiān Mén Shān Guó Jiā Sēn Lín Gōng Yuán
  • Building time: 1992
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Entrance fee: RMB 258/person. One-way lift ticket for mountaintop forest sightseeing: RMB 25/person. One-way escalator ticket for Tianmen Cave: RMB 32/person
  • Opening hours: 08:00-17:00
  • Address: Nanxinfang Village, Tanzheci Town, Mentougou District, Zhangjiajie City
  • Best time to visit: all year round with each season having distinctive features
  • Bus lines: Take buses No.4, 5 and 10 at city proper, directly heading for Tianmen Mountain.

Highlights of Tianmen Mountain:

tianmen mountain cablewayTianmen Mountain Cableway

Tianmen Mountain Cableway:

It is the world’s longest high-mountain cableway, which connects the city proper of Zhangjiajie with the Tianmen mountaintop. The cableway is 7,455 meters long with a difference of 1,279 meters in horizontal height. As the world’s first mobile landscaping corridor in the sky, it is like a giant dragon clinging to mountains and cliffs. A one-way trip takes nearly 35 min. During this process, you can appreciate the urban landscape, rural scenery, steep peaks and deep ravines as if strolling around a grand picture scroll with infinite beauty. Thus it is renowned as one of the “four wonders” of Tianmen Mountain.

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

Located at the ravine halfway up Tianmen Mountain, Tianmen Mountain Skywalk winds its way through high mountains and perilous cliffs. It is the only passageway to pay tribute to the Tianmen Mountain. The Skyway is 10.77 km long with a difference of nearly 1.1 km in elevation. There are 99 horrific 180-degree turns. They are linked and folded as a flying jade belt rising up to the Tianmen fairyland. Thus it is called “the world’s first road wonder”.

Tianmen Cave

Located in the middle part of Tianmen Mountain, it is an underground karst cave on the edge of the platform. One day in 263, a cave suddenly opened in the cliff, forming the rarely-seen world wonder—Tianmen Cave. The Tianmen Cave is 131.5 meters high, 57 meters wide and 60 meters deep. With weather changed and clouds surrounded eternally, it is a rare natural karst cave with high elevation penetrating the mountain in the world.

guigu trailGuigu Trail

Guigu Trail:

The trail is located at the western line of the Tianmen Mountain, and is named for hanging over the cliff line above the Guigu Cave. Located on the steep cliffs, the Trail is 1.6 km long with an average elevation of 1.4 km. Seen from a distance, the Trail hangs over the cliffs surrounded by hovering birds and precipitous peaks. Along the Trail, it seems like a fairyland with many wonders such as a sea of clouds and waterfalls of clouds. Not far from the Trail, there is a 5-meter-long glass platform extending over the deep abyss. When standing on there, you will enjoy the feeling of reaching the peak.

The scenic spot of immortal residence covered with green:

As a national forest park, Tianmen Mountain has complete primitive forests, whose core protection zone is the scenic spot of immortal residence covered with green. Here you can see strange mossy rocks everywhere and even rare trees or precious medicinal materials. The whole scenic spot is like a natural potted landscape filled with ancient trees and vines. When walking on the winding path, you can appreciate the natural beauty with abandon.

Recommended Tours:

A: Take the cableway to the mountaintop at the stop of Suodaoxiazhan - visit the hanging garden - take the escalator down to the Tianmen Cave - take the tourist coach down to the entrance - take ferry bus back to the stop of Suodaoxiazhan

B: Take ferry bus at the stop of Suodaoxiazhan to the entrance - take the tourist coach to Tianmen Cave - take the escalator to the mountaintop - visit the hanging garden - take the cableway back to the stop of Suodaoxiazhan

Recommended line in winter: Take the cableway up to the mountaintop at the stop of Suodaoxiazhan - visit the hanging garden - take the cableway down to the stop of Suodaoxiazhan.

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