Solo Travel in China

Are you considering traveling alone in China? Despite facing challenges such as language barriers in small cities and remote areas, it is actually quite feasible and safe. In fact, thousands of solo travelers from around the world visit China every year. These travelers include backpackers who enjoy the freedom of independent travel, sophisticated travelers who prefer private guided tours, those who join small group tours to see the highlights of China, and even those who take day bus tours for a brief stay in Beijing.

Trust me, like many others, you will undoubtedly enjoy your travels in China.

"Everything went very smooth and the guides were all very professional."
Ringelnatz, Singapore
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Private Tour vs. Group Tour

Apart from being less expensive, there is no justification for choosing a group tour. Our purpose here is to explain why you should opt for a private tour instead of a group tour.

Private Tour

  • Only you and your guide
  • No shopping
  • Highest flexibility
  • Tailor-made tour as per your request. the must-see sites can be combined with in-depth cultural activities
  • Local Chinese restaurant for you to taste authentic food
  • Your personal travel specialist takes care of you throughout the tour
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Group Tour

  • 4 to 30 participants
  • 2 or more shops per day
  • No flexibility
  • Regular sightseeing to the most popular sites. Fixed time for each attraction
  • Local restaurants with set menu for a table meal.
  • There is no personal service. It takes a while to answer your questions.
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