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What is Educational Travel?

There is a Chinese idiom – 道山学海 "dào shān xué hǎi" – learning is as high as the mountains and as wide as the ocean. Educational travel is for everyone – from the young to the old. We are always finding new ways to learn, to enhance our understanding, broadening our horizon, giving us a better knowledge of the world we live in. CET is all about allowing everyone to not just see and capture a glimpse of the country, but to learn, discover, embrace and have a deeper understanding of the real China in a very unique way.

"The feedback we received from the students and chaperones about the activities, your guides were excellent"
Cathy Chen, USA
the mountain and water scenery of Guilinfemale lead role in Peking Opera
China expert Leon Long
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Why travel is the best education?

Educational Travel focuses on 'cultural immersion, participation, discovery, understanding, connection and community'. It arouses your curiosity, broadens your horizons giving you a global perspective about people, their culture, political, economic and social structures. You are taken on a journey that is beyond books, television, and YouTube. From images in books and screens, your travel will come alive when you meet with the people, walk along the Great Wall, enter into the heart of the Forbidden City, encounter the Warriors in Xi’an, cruise along the Li River in Guilin, feed the pandas, the smells and tastes of exotic foods, and much more. You will be amazed by the depth of Educational Travel. You will experience and encounter the "real heart of China".

Is educational travel only for schools or tertiary students?

NO, educational travel is for everyone who wants to travel - for a vacation, honeymoon, anniversary; to explore, to have fun, to relax, and go on a journey that is beyond your boundaries. Going on education travel has some similar experience to regular travel but with the added dimension of 1) understanding more about where you went, what you saw, who you met, and “a lot of why’s”, plus 2) it provides you with a more unique and deeper experience giving you a more real-life encounter than you would in regular travel.

Valuing your time to ensure a rich and meaningful experience

Educational travel avoids the traps that are with regular travel and understands your time is important. It is about creating a journey that when you leave China, you have taken back with you a richer experience and understanding of the country. On regular travel, you will be taken to crowded touristy places, limited time at destination sites, waiting in long queues, and there will always be shopping stops along the way. This means much of your valued time and experience is lost.

"Educational Travel" VS "Regular Travel" | One’s shallow and one’s deep

Regular travel focuses on just seeing the sites and giving you a brief introduction of the places you visit. You only touch the surface. Educational travel is focused more on interaction, participation, and understanding more about what you’re seeing. For example, a trip to Beijing’s iconic Forbidden City can be done in a regular way or educational way. On a regular tour, you walk around with a guide who may point out and explain some facts, and then you are left alone to explore, and take photos. You will leave with many photos and a vague recollection of the history behind the palace. On educational travel, you will be guided and have interactive activities to do while in the Forbidden City, which focuses your attention on the palace itself, the history and meaning behind it. After the tour, you will have remembered the stories shared behind each photo taken.

Luxurious and affordable

Educational travel isn’t about staying in backpackers or hostels, living it rough. You can still enjoy the luxury as on a regular tour by staying in reputable hotels, enjoying the personal services and benefiting your time – but yet still affordable. By avoiding all the tourist traps where they charge commission, you will save money and time.

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