China Tour for University Students

China Tour for University Students

ST-19: 14 Days Private Tour: Beijing – Xi’an – Guilin – Zhangjiajie – Shanghai

More international students come to visit China in recent years for the cultural feast, customs, and beautiful natural scenery. China’s many famous historical cities, such as Beijing and Xi’an showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and well-preserved relics, offer students insight into the country’s past and present. Students can also see and experience rural life and enjoy some outdoor adventures in Guilin. Enjoy at least two days in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park to take in the sights of the magical mountains where ‘Avatar’ was filmed. The final destination is Shanghai where East meets West, which evokes a sense of glamour, mystery, and awe.

Trip Highlights

  • Learn to paint a Peking opera face mask
  • Visit a local family in Hutong
  • Easy hike along the terraced rice fields
  • Climb the iron path on the mountain
  • See the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain
  • Ride on the world's longest mountain cableway
Suitable For: University Students

Full itinerary for China Tour for University Students

Day 1
Beijing Arrival

China opens her arms to welcome all visitors from around the world. Your tour guide will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. Rest and relax after your long flight.

Day 2
Beijing: History and Culture (breakfast & lunch)

Visit the largest square in the world - Tiananmen Square, where, if you are an early bird riser, you can attend the flag-raising ceremony.
Explore the Forbidden City in a special educational way. Students will be divided into several groups to have a treasure hunt. Listen very carefully to the clues that relate to its history, design, and legends, and race through the palace to find the answers. You will be amazed by what you will learn.




Hutong, like a maze, is formed with historic alleyways with single-story traditional courtyard houses, which are fast disappearing. In this one-hour tour, you will have a walk through the narrow alleys and learn about the local culture and lives of those that live there.
Put your artistic skills to the test, where you will learn from a Chinese traditional craftsman to paint a Peking Opera Face Mask. It is characterized by exquisite patterns of bright colors and fine, smooth lines applied with a brush or hands. The diverse facial expressions and make-up colors reveal the different personalities of each role.

painting a face mask

Painting Peking Opera Face Masks

Day 3
Beijing: Historical Sites (breakfast & lunch)

The Temple of Heaven is the largest religious complex among China's ancient buildings. You will be amazed to learn about the masterpiece of its architecture and landscape design. Many local people do morning exercises in the park and you will have a chance to learn Tai Chi, one of the Chinese traditional martial arts that improve health and longevity.
You will head out of the city for a 1.5 hours’ drive, to Mutianyu Great Wall. Lunch will be served on the way near the Great Wall.

in the park

Learn to Play Tai Chi in the Temple of Heaven


What an amazing human accomplishment the Great Wall is! One of the ‘Great Wonders of the World’, you will take the cable-car up and down, to spend time hiking along the most stunning route (Tower 14-20). Please make sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes on this day.

the great wall

Snake-shape of the Great Wall Winding along the Mountain Ridge

Day 4
Beijing – Xi’an by Bullet Train: The Summer Palace (breakfast)

The Summer Palace, a masterpiece of the creative art, incorporating the works of man and nature harmoniously. There are the Administrative area and Residential area, while the garden area occupies the remaining 90%. The Garden of Virtue and Harmony which was designed as a theatre for the Empress Dowager Cixi is remarkable.


One of Garden Views in the Palace


After lunch, you will travel on the high-speed train to Xi’an. It only takes 4 hours and 23 minutes to travel 1, 216 km. Upon your arrival at Xi’an train station, you will be welcomed by the guide and driver. Hotel check-in and relax.

Day 5
Xi’an: Historical Sites (breakfast & lunch)

The Terracotta Warriors and Horses is reputed as the eighth wonder of the world was discovered in March 1974. Emperor Qin known as the first emperor in China built an army with terracotta as his funerary objects. They were buried to protect the emperor in his afterlife. The figures vary in height and with different facial appearances. The project took 37 years to build.
You will have an opportunity to make a terracotta figurine, by following the steps: make the figure’s torso and head, let them dry and assemble the arms and hands, carve the details on the body parts, install the head to the body, fire it in the kiln, and paint it. A great souvenir to take back to remind you of your visit.

The Terracotta Warriors

The Terreacotta Warriors Used to be Colored


After lunch, you will visit Xi'an City Wall that sits in the city center. It safeguarded the city which was the capital of 13 dynasties with one of the most impressive military defense systems. There are intricate drawbridges, towers, and a moat. Cycling around on the top of the ancient wall will give you an overall impression of the entire city from many angles.

Xi'an city wall

Xi'an City Wall as the Boundary of the Past and the Present

Day 6
Xi’an – Guilin by Flight: Xi’an City Tour (breakfast & lunch)

This day is dedicated to learning more about ancient China. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda dates back to the Tang Dynasty, housing the precious Buddhist scriptures which were brought from India. Follow your guide to visit the Xi’an Museum, where you will learn the long history and splendid culture of Xi’an. Sit back and enjoy some tea, tea, and watch the shadow play performance, which is traditional folk art, with more than 2000 years of history.
If you enjoy Chinese cuisine, you will enjoy the art of making dumplings. This will be done at a home of one of the residents who will teach you the basic skills of dumpling making. A great way to interact with locals and enjoy a hearty lunch of the fruits of your labor.

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda


After lunch, you will continue to discover artworks from ancient China in TangBo Art Museum. It is the treasure land of Chinese culture by displaying countless revolutionary artworks, such as pigskin puppets, paper cuttings, paintings, calligraphy, and ancient rice paper pictures. You will also experience calligraphy to create your own masterpiece.


Take an evening flight to Guilin. On arrival, you will be picked up by your guide and transferred to your hotel. Enjoy a good night's rest.

Day 7
Guilin: Longji Terraced Fields (breakfast & lunch)

Head to the north of Guilin for around 2 hours to the famous terraced rice fields. The best way to admire the spectacular view is by climbing up to the top. We set off hiking from Ancient Zhuang Village and end in Ping’an Village. Learn about the Zhuang minority culture in their old village before walking up along the route. Lunch will be arranged at a local restaurant with its specialty - bamboo stuffed rice.

terraced rice fields

Easy Hiking to Admire the Beautiful Terraced Rice Fields


Have a lunch break. You can stroll around the stalls selling handmade minority ornaments, clothing, and embroidery. Another 30 minutes hike further up to the highest point, Nine Dragons and Five Tigers. A great place to observe the sunset. We will drive back to Guilin late afternoon.

minority ethnic

Busy with Embroidering

Day 8
Guilin / Yangshuo: The Li River and Rural Life (breakfast & lunch)

The Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is a favorite among visitors. The dramatic limestone karst mountains will surprise you at each bend of the river. Water buffaloes patrol the fields, farmers tend rice paddies, kids and fishermen float by on bamboo rafts, all of which make the journey and landscape extraordinary. A packed lunch will be prepared on board.

the li river

The Mountains, the river and the plants make extraordinary landscape


Disembark in Yangshuo, where you begin your next adventure of exploration by cycling through the countryside, caving, shopping, rock climbing, cooking class are just some of the activities. Cycling is the best way to soak in the flavor of the countryside where you will peddle through rice fields, along the river, and through different villages. A family visit on the way is applicable if you are interested.

countryside cycling

Cycling through the Countryside

Day 9
Yangshuo: Experience Cooking and Outdoor Adventure (breakfast & lunch)

Today’s first stop is at a local food market. Learn about the daily cooking ingredients, and purchase some for your cooking class. A short walk back to the cooking kitchen and the tutor will show you how to prepare and cook some popular local dishes. Enjoy what you just cooked.




After a hearty lunch, an exhilarating outdoor adventure awaits - the Via Ferrata Zip Lining. It is a protected climbing route that is suitable for both beginners and the experienced. Before climbing, the coach will ensure you fully understand the safety precautions and the operation of the safety equipment. Once properly fitted with a harness and helmet, you can access the cliffs, assisted by supplementary hand-holds, ladder rungs, and anchors. It is required for all participants to have moderate fitness and be comfortable at certain heights.

the Via Ferrata Zip Lining

Access the Rocks with the Assistance of Hand-holds, Ladder Rungs, and Anchors

Day 10
Yangshuo– Zhangjiajie by Flight: Tianmen Mountain (breakfast)

An early morning start, where you will be transferred to Guilin airport for your flight to Zhangjiajie.


After arrival at Zhangjiajie airport, where you will be met by your guide and go directly to Tianmen Mountain. Take the cable-car up to the peak from the city center. The door-like cave in the mountain looks more like a gate to heaven. Step onto the hanging glass walkway, which will give you a thrilling experience as you look down through to the mountains.

Tianmen Mountain

The Door-like Cave of Tianmen Mountian

Day 11
Zhangjiajie: National Forest Park (breakfast & lunch)

You will take the cable-way up to Tianzi Mountain Natural Reserve that offers a fairy-tale landscape in Wulingyuan Scenic. It boasts unparalleled peaks; one falls another rises like a peak forest. The highlights are Shentang Gulf, Dianjiang Terrace, Ten Miles Gallery, and Tianzi Pavilion.


"A Peak Forest"


Take the shuttle bus to Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, where the reknown Avatar Hallelujah Mountain is located. The No.1 Bridge under Heaven, Enchanting Platform, and Backyard Garden will give you an appreciation of how beautiful nature is. An unforgettable experience will be when you take the Bailong Elevator, which is the world’s tallest outdoor elevator, down from the mountains.


Hallelujah Mountain

Day 12
Zhangjiajie – Shanghai by Flight: Natural Landscape (breakfast & lunch)

Start the day by walking along the trail of Golden Whip Brook. Away from the crowds, this place is quiet and serene. Take a deep breath in the Oxygen Bar and be immersed in the environment of spires and peaks, water rippling, plants, and animals.


Golden Whip Brook Scenic Area


Venture on to Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon to pay a visit to the well-known Glass Bridge. It will be a memorable experience to stand up there and see the canyon’s bottom at 300 meters deep.

Glass Bridge

The Well-known Glass Bridge


You will take the flight to Shanghai. The guide and driver will pick you up from Shanghai airport and take you to your hotel. Rest and sweet dreams!

Day 13
Shanghai City Highlights (breakfast & lunch)

Explore Shanghai by starting with the impressive Yu Garden, a masterpiece of classic Chinese gardens. Listen to old stories, learn about the function of the old buildings, and appreciate the art gallery. You can have a browse at Yuyuan Bazaar, regularly packed with locals and tourists. Some touristy shops, restaurants, and tea houses are in the old buildings that give you a feeling of living in the old days of Shanghai.
Take a walk through the Old French Concession and appreciate the quaint buildings on both sides.

yu garden

The Pond, the Corrider, and the Pavilion


Oriental Pearl Tower is the iconic symbol of Shanghai that cannot be missed. You can have a birds-eye view of the city and the Huangpu River by standing on the glass-bottomed sightseeing deck on the 2nd sphere.
Afterward, head to The Bund. 52 grandiose curve of colonial-era buildings on the western bank is an epitome of Shanghai’s history, as well as a visual impact of the modern skyscrapers along the eastern bank.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Stand in the Walkway of The Bund and Look across the Huangpu River

Day 14
Shanghai Departure (breakfast)

Today sadly is your last day in China where you will take your international flight home. Hopefully, China’s rich culture and interesting activities will continue to enlighten your learning and life in the future.

Hotels for your reference

Beijing Feitian Hotel
Xi'an Grand Noble Hotel
Guilin Guilin Bravo Hotel
Yangshuo Days Inn Frontier Yangshuo
Zhangjiajie Santo Domingo International Hotel Zhangjiajie
Shanghai Narada Boutique Hotel Shanghai Bund

What’s Included

  • Professional English speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fees and meals as listed in the itinerary
  • Well-selected hotel accommodation
  • Excellent driver and comfortable vehicle with air-conditioning
  • Internal transportation as mentioned
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