China Return Tours for Adoptive Families

China Heritage Tours for Adopted Children

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey to China with your adoptive family? At China Educational Tours, we understand that a best possible heritage journey to China means much more than just visiting the orphanage and the birth city. That's why we strive to design exclusive China birthland and heritage tours that will be the experience of a lifetime for adoptees.

For years, we have successfully offered special adopted child return experiences to a number of international adoption families. Not only have they visited their birthplace, such as Fuling in Chongqing, Hefei, Changsha in Hunan, Nanchang in Jiangxi, Maoming in Guangdong, Guiping and Nanning in Guangxi, and many more (Click here to see which orphanages we have arranged return visits to.), but they have also discovered the rich culture and heritage of China and developed a much greater connection with the country.

We assure you that this meticulously crafted journey will not only allow you to trace your roots but also provide you with an unforgettable and immersive experience of Chinese culture.

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Best Tours for Adoption Families Returning to China

Our heritage tour packages are designed to include not only visits to your adoption city or orphanage, but also a cultural tour of China.

We'll visit Beijing, where we'll see the Great Wall and Forbidden City and learn about the emperors of old, and Shanghai, where we'll experience the magic of the city. We'll also visit Xi'an to see the Terracotta Warriors and feel like we've traveled back in time to the Qin Dynasty, and Guangzhou to taste Cantonese dim sum and experience the Yue culture. We'll go to Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi to feel the charm of Chinese Taoism, and to Henan to visit White Horse Temple and Shaolin Temple and experience Shaolin Kung Fu. We'll explore the karst landscape in Guangxi Guilin, known as the number one scenic spot in the world, and visit Yunnan Kunming to bask in the colorful sea of flowers. In addition, we'll have many hands-on cultural experiences, such as Hanfu experience, Guqin, tea ceremony, Kung Fu, and more.

Orphanage Visit for Adoptees

As an adopted child, you have grown up and you want to come to China to find your roots alone, you only need us to arrange a visit to the local orphanage, just tell us what you need, fill out the form below and we'll get it done.

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Top Chinese Cultural Activities for Adoptees

Experience Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

Adoptees experience Chinese painting and calligraphy

Experience Hanfu

Wear Hanfu and traveled through ancient China

Experience Hanfu

Volunteer with giant pandas, China's national treasure

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption Return Tours

1. To ensure a smooth homecoming experience, what steps should you take beforehand?

To ensure a smooth experience for your family's heritage tour to China, adoptive families will need to:

Prepare Required Documents: For potential orphanage visits, please have valid passports and the adoption certificate readily available. Read more on "What documents should I prepare for a return visit?"

Locate the Orphanage: Knowing the official name of the orphanage is very helpful, even if you lack contact information. This allows us to efficiently locate the orphanage for your visit.

Mental Preparation: Returning to one's birthplace can be an emotional experience. It's important for adoptive families to be prepared for a range of emotions.

Contact China Educational Tours: Upon receiving your tour request, one of our experienced travel consultants specializing in reunions for adopted children will provide a detailed guide outlining the entire process.

2. How does a special China trip help families with adopted children?

Kids learn about their roots: They visit their birthplace, maybe even the orphanage, and discover Chinese culture and history. This helps them feel like they belong.

Everyone learns about China: Both kids and families get to experience Chinese food, traditions, and cool stuff firsthand.

Families show their love: By going on this trip, families show adopted kids they support their journey to learn about their past. And traveling together creates happy memories and strengthens family bonds.

3. Is it expensive to go on a heritage tour?

The answer depends on the itinerary. Different hotels have different prices. You can contact us now to get a free quote for your trip.

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