Beijing Weather

Beijing Weather

How is the weather in Beijing?

Beijing has four distinct seasons, varying in length, with less drought and more wind in spring. Summer is hot and rainy, and precipitation is abundant, accounting for three quarters of the annual rainfall. Hot autumn days are less frequent and moderate temperatures make it the best time for sightseeing. The long winter is cold and dry.

Beijing Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 2 5 12 20 26 30 31 30 26 19 19 3
High(℉) 35.6 41 53.6 68 78.8 86 87.8 86 78.8 66.2 66.2 37.4
Low (℃) -9 -6 0 8 14 19 22 21 15 8 0 -6
Low(℉) 15.8 21.2 32 46.4 57.2 66.2 71.6 69.8 59 46.4 32 21.2
Rain (mm) 3 6 9 22 36 74 179 177 53 23 8 2


spring flower in Beijing

Weather: The spring in Beijing lasts from March to May, with the average temperature staying around 12℃. The temperature fluctuation between day and night is generally above 10℃ and even over 20℃. The weather is variable, dry and windy, and sand storms may occasionally occur.

Clothing: It is recommended that you wear warm clothes such as winter outfits, long-sleeved jackets, windbreakers, long jackets, denim and light jackets and thin woolen pullovers in the day. At night, please put on warmer clothes, especially thicker coats such as padded or woolen coats, down or fur lined jackets, along with woolen hats and gloves, and be ready to put on and take off clothes as necessary.

Things to do: Flowers such as winter jasmine, apricot flowers, peach flowers, magnolia and clove will be blooming in the warm and pleasant air. People begin to enjoy going on outings. The flowers on the mountains surrounding the Great Wall are extraordinarily beautiful with the wind blowing across them.

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summer palace

Weather: The summer in Beijing lasts from late May to September, when the heavy rainfall goes along with the heat in the air. July is the hottest month of the year. The high temperature seems interminable and the humidity is high. 80% of the annual precipitation falls in June, July and August.

Clothing: Cool and breathable cotton or linen clothes such as shirts, light long dresses and thin t-shirts are recommended during the daytime. It is suggested that you wear single-layered cotton and linen fabrics short suits, t-shirts, thin jeans, light casual wear, lightweight business suits and other comfortable clothes.

Things to do: In the heat of summer, choose attractions that provide people a chance to escape from the heat. For example, visiting lakes and ponds with lotus is really pleasant. Touring the Summer Palace, boating on Kunming Lake, visiting Hutongs and joining in the local life, such as learning how to make dumplings, as well as visiting local museums are all reasonable choices.

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great wall in autumn

Weather: The temperature in autumn in Beijing is moderate. The sky is azure, the rainfall is minimal and the air is cool. However, this golden time will be gone in just a few weeks.

Clothing: Cool and breathable cotton and linen clothing such as shirts, lightweight long dresses and thin t-shirts are recommended during the daytime. At night, it is suggested that you wear warmer clothes such as long-sleeved outfits, thicker jackets, windbreakers, warmer casual wear, denim jackets, and thin woolen pullovers.

Notes: When Beijing enters autumn, the air will become really dry. People’s skin tends to get rough and they complain about dry mouths. So try to eat light digestive foods such as beans and fresh vegetables, and make sure that you drink plenty of fluids.

Things to do: Beijing in late autumn looks like an excellent oil painting, as the orange leaves and golden ginkgo leaves are coupled with the azure sky. Layers of autumn forests make an extraordinarily beautiful view. The scenery on the campus in Peking University is also charming.

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forbidden city with snow

Weather: December in Beijing is even colder, but the temperature rarely drops below minus 10 ℃. Beijing's winter is not very wild and windy. It is mostly clear and sunny.

Clothing: During the day, it is recommended to wear winter clothes such as windbreakers, warm coats, overcoats, thick jackets, sweaters, woolen suits, and other warm clothes. At night, for the colder weather, please put on warmer clothes, especially thicker coats such as padded or woolen coats, down or fur lined jackets, along with woolen hats and gloves .

Things to do: Eating hotpots, approaching hutong life and even visiting the Forbidden City in the flying snow could be really unforgettable.

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