Top Datong Delicacies

Top Datong Delicacies

An old Chinese saying goes: "Eating is the most significant thing for all.” In China, people of all nationalities and from all regions show their passion for eating along with their other characteristics. Datong's delicacies are mainly made from flour. They can be made by boiling and frying. They are in all shapes with all flavors.

Salty delicacies

1. Sliced Noodles (Dao Xiao Mian)
Sliced Noodles

Sliced noodles are such a well-known traditional delicacy, probably among the top five noodles in China. For Datong Sliced Noodles, its unique flavor wins its reputation both in China and around the world. The noodles are made by the action of slicing from a flattened piece of dough. Each piece of noodle has a thick middle part and thin edge.

Characteristics: the smooth noodles are chewy, tender but not sticky.
Recommendation: Dongfang Noodles (Yingze Street Branch)
Address: West side of Western Zone of Yunzhong Jianshe Lane Community, Pingcheng District, Datong

2. Hunyuan Jelly
Hunyuan Jelly

Hunyuan jelly is a special delicacy from the same county. It is made from potato starch, dried bean curd, and broad beans. Hunyuan jelly is representative of Datong jelly. Premium jelly looks crystal clear and shakes slightly. The slippery jelly tastes refreshing. People believe that it is one of the unique delicacies in the Beiyue Mountain Region.

Characteristics: it tastes tender and refreshing
Recommendation: Smart Wife’s Jelly
Address: No. 11, Yongan West Street, Hunyuan County, Datong

3. Datong Shaomai
Datong Shaomai

The steamed pork dumplings are traditional cuisine in Datong, especially for feasts. When well steamed, they look like blossoms. So it also has the alias of Shaomei (Mei means plum blossoms). The edge is white and the stuffing can be seen through the middle part of the thin wrap. It has a large chunk of chewy pork in it.

Characteristics: the pork in the thin wrap is especially delicious
Recommendation: Longjuxiang Shaomai Restaurant (Drum Tower Branch)
Address: northwest corner of Drum tower, Pingcheng District, Datong

4. Min Ba Gu (Squeezed Strands of Naked Oat Noodles)
Squeezed Strands of Naked Oat Noodles

A mixture of mashed potatoes and naked oats with water is scooped up into a dedicated tool - minchuangzi (squeezing tool with eight holes in the bottom). And then this tool squeezes the mixture to become eight long strands. Boil the strands in water for one minute and fish them out. Serve after adding seasonings and side dishes.

Characteristics: it is smooth and delicious.
Recommendation: Dongfang Noodles (Municipal Government Branch)
Address: 100 meters east of the intersection of Yingbin Street and Funan Street, Pingcheng District, Datong.

Sweet delicacies

1. Yellow Paste
Yellow Paste

The yellow paste is a traditional pastoral snack commonly found in Datong. The raw material is Panicum miliaceum (a type of millet grain). Panicum miliaceum powder is kneaded and steamed, and then dressed with meat or vegetable stock. A good yellow paste has a beautiful color, tender and chewy content, and a nice taste.

Characteristics: the soft paste is tasty.
Recommendation: Gulou (Drum Tower) East Street Old Hot Pot
Address: Next to Dajiexiaoxiang, the entrance of Gulou East Street, Pingcheng District, Datong

2. Datou Maye
Datou Maye

Datou Maye: the fried twist is a traditional snack. Well kneaded dough is made into small twists and fried in the pan until the color is orange.

Characteristics: it is crunchy outside and soft inside.
Recommendation: Longjuxiang Shaomai Restaurant (Drum Tower Branch)
Address: Northwest Corner of Drum Tower, Vintage Street, Pingcheng District, Datong


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