Datong Cuisine Restaurant

Datong Cuisine Restaurant

In addition to visiting scenic spots, it is essential to taste local cuisine in Datong. Datong’s restaurants offer many local specialties. After a tour of great views, it is a pleasure to sit in a comfortable restaurant and enjoy the food that is exclusive to Datong.

1. Pastoral Food Restaurant
Pastoral Food Restaurant

This local restaurant has a long menu of local dishes as well as those authentic ones from Sichuan Cuisine. The decoration is warm and elegant for dining. The charming service is effective in satisfying clients’ needs. Special dishes include Kungfu Grilled Fish, Steamed Naked Oat Noodles with Potatoes, Aubergine Noodles, and rabbit heads.

Average check per person: RMB 52
Opening hours: 11:00-21:00
Address: Store of Taihongyuan Community, Xiangyang West Street, Pingcheng District, Datong

2. Feng Lin Ge Restaurant
Feng Lin Ge Restaurant

The retro appearance and interior of Feng Lin Ge Restaurant make the whole restaurant look antique. Its dishes are mainly Shanxi cuisine, such as fried pork, sweet and sour meatballs, and Huangmen chicken. In addition, the restaurant is the location for the movie Look for a Star by Andy Lau Tak-wah from Hong Kong.

Average check per person: RMB 115
Opening hours: 11:30-14:00 and 17:30-21:00
Address: Intersection of Vintage Gulou West Street and Huayan Street, Pingcheng District, Datong

3. Lao Datong Restaurant
Lao Datong Restaurant

Lao Datong Restaurant is a time-honored restaurant. It holds the gold medal as a noodle shop selected by the Shanxi Cuisine Association, and ‘Renowned Chinese’ as selected by the China Cuisine Association. The elegantly decorated restaurant shows strong local features. The signature dish is also a local specialty – assorted hot pots.

Average check per person: RMB 68
Open hours: 10:30-14:00 & 17:00-21:00
Address: Guangfujiao, Gulou East Street, Pingcheng District, Datong

4. Zini 369 Coarse Grain Restaurant (Drum Tower Branch)
Zini 369 Coarse Grain Restaurant

This top-ranked restaurant located in the center of Datong Ancient City provides local dishes. It is known for the generous servings and tasty cuisine. Signature dishes include Naked Oat Noodles with Aubergine, Millet Jelly, and Chopped Sheep Guts.

Average check per person: RMB 70
Open hours: 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-22:00
Address: No. 13 Store, Gulou West Street, Pingcheng District, Datong

5. Kaige Restaurant (Playground City Store)
Kaige Restaurant

As an old-fashioned state-run restaurant in Datong, the dishes are not only rich, but also unique in taste. Most people favor it. The pricing is very agreeable and the service there is welcoming. Its specialties include fried pork, Kaige Chicken, and Braised Butterfly Fish Tails.

Average check per person: RMB 48
Open hours: 11:00-14:00 & 17:30-21:00
Address: No. 22 West Street, Playground City, Cheng District, Datong

6. Yonghe Hongqi Food City - Yonghe Banquet
Yonghe Hongqi Food City

This is a restaurant that provides unique Shanxi Cuisine. It is popular among both locals and tourists and, of course, is often crowded. The variety of dishes is extensive and the price is reasonable. Fried pork and Chinese New Year Dish are the specialties. A reservation call may be needed as there is usually a long queue.

Average check per person: RMB 71
Open hours: 11:30--14:00 & 17:00-22:00
Address: 3F, Affiliated Building of Fulin Baocheng Plaza, Weidu Avenue, Pingcheng District, Datong

7. The Cai’s Restaurant (Yong'an Avenue Branch)
The Cai’s Restaurant

The Cai’s Restaurant has authentic Shanxi dishes. Although the restaurant is not that big, it welcomes numerous clients every day. Sour soup mutton, Naked Oat Noodles with Potatoes, and fried pork are the specialties there.

Average check per person: RMB 52
Open hour: 9:00-22:00
Address: Yongan Town, Hunyuan County, Datong


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