Hangzhou Restaurant Recommendations

Hangzhou Restaurant Recommendations

Hangzhou is famed as homeland of varieties of tasty food. During its long evolvement, it has been inspired by the picturesque environment and all the various cuisines in the country. Most restaurants in Hangzhou provide Hang Bang Cai, and many visitors are especially keen to taste these dishes.

Hangzhou Hotel

Hangzhou Hotel Hangzhou Hotel

The predecessor of this century-old store was named “Gao Changxing Restaurant”, and it was renamed “Hangzhou Restaurant” in 1951. It was the first state-run restaurant in Hangzhou at that time. National leaders such as Premiere Zhou Enlai and Marshal He Long have visited this place. Its dishes in general are "Hang Bang (Hangzhou Region) Cuisine". The creative dish "Pumpkin Show" is the most favored dish: a hollowed out pumpkin squash filled with toast and covered with cheese. It is both delicious and beautiful.

Average check: RMB 87 per person
Opening hours: 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:30
Address: 1F-3F, No. 5, Yan'an Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (the crossing of Yan'an Road and Youdian Road)

Grandma's Home (Hangzhou Hubin (Lakeside) Branch)

Grandma's HomeGrandma's Home

The Hubin branch retains the pursuit of fashion, taste and health as promoted by ‘Grandma's Home’. Personalized design and gracious service are features of the restaurant. After 20 years' evolution, the brand offers an ever-increasing number of dishes that are suitable for diners from all places. Tea Fragrance Chicken, Green Bean Paste, Green Tea Cake, Organic Cauliflower, Dongpo Pork, Grandma's Braised Pork, etc., are favored by all guests for their authentic tastes.

Average check: RMB 69 per person
Business hours: 10:30 am – 10pm
Address: No. 3, Hubin Road (South Nanshan Hill), Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Guiyu Shanfang (Osmanthus's Tale in the Mountain) Restaurant

Every time the sweet-scented Osmanthus are in bloom, the Guiyu Shanfang Restaurant is awash with their fragrance. The softly-spoken waiters will patiently explain each dish. Simply-designed presentation of dishes is exquisite and delicious. The nine-story Tower Curry Prawns are well worth a try.

Average check: RMB 576 per person
Open hour: 10:00 -14:00 and 17:00 - 21:00 for weekdays, and 10:00 - 21:00 for weekends.
Address: No. 2-1, Manjuelong Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (close to Wulaofeng Peak)

Jinsha Dining Hall of Xizi Lake (the poetic name for West Lake) Four Seasons Hotel

Jinsha Hall mainly provides quality Hang Bang Cuisine. It is a very popular restaurant and has a good reputation despite the slightly pricy dishes. A window seat has to be reserved in advance. ‘Auntie Song's Fish Chowder’ and ‘Snails Boiled in Gu Yue Ageing Liquor’ are especially popular dishes.

Average check: RMB 632 per person
Open hours: 11:30 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 22:00
Address: 1F, Xizi Lake (the poetic name of the West Lake) Four Seasons Hotel, No. 5, Lingyin Road, West Lake Distrct, Hangzhou, China (close to Quyuan Fenghe, or Wine-making Yard and Lotus Pool)

Longjing Restaurant

Longjing RestaurantLongjing Restaurant

This is a farmhouse in Longjing Village. There is a small yard for the Restaurant and a terrace on the second floor. Tourists can enjoy tea and dishes at a leisurely pace, and even take a tour in the tea plantation nearby, which is very pleasant. The delicious dishes have a mild and delicate taste. Wild Gui Fish (Chinese mandarin fish) Pot is a must-have dish here. The fish soup contains a variety of ingredients such as lamb offal, bacon and bamboo shoots and it is thick and very luscious. Shrimps boiled in Top Longjing Tea are big and chewy, and offer a memorable aftertaste.

Average check: RMB 143 per person
Open hours: 10:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 1, Longjing Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Pu Shu (Mansion of Simplicity) Restaurant (Qingzhiwu Branch)

Pu Shu Restaurant is located along the road in Qingzhiwu Recreation Area, close to the lake, and offers an open-air view. Guests have to queue for the frequently visited Restaurant. Cheese Squash is very delicious as guests usually indulge in one spoonful after another. The combined aroma of cheese and pumpkin is extraordinarily alluring. Gold Beef Ribs and Fresh Chicken Feet are also worth a try.

Average check: RMB 82 per person
Opening hours: 11:00 – 13:30 and 17:00 – 20:30
Address: No. Yugu Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

West Lake State Guesthouse

West Lake State GuesthouseWest Lake State Guesthouse

Ziwei (Crepe Myrtle) Hall is situated in the West Lake State Guesthouse. Tourists can enjoy the placid West Lake deep in the woody Guesthouse. In the afternoon, some guests choose to drink tea on the lake and wander around in the garden. It is an exclusive sightseeing experience. Hang Bang Cuisine is dominant on the menu. It is both authentic and delicate. The top environment is also reflected in the pricing. It is the best place for dinners and banquets. Renowned Hang Bang dishes include: Shrimps boiled in Top Longjing Tea, West Lake Vinegar Fish, Dongpo (a great literal man in the Song Dynasty who knew cuisine well and loved life) Pork.

Average check: RMB 352 per person
Open hours: 11:00 – 14:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 1F, No. 8 Building, West Lake State Guesthouse, Yanggong Dyke, West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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