Xiamen Weather

Xiamen Weather

How is the weather in Xiamen?

Xiamen weather is mild and pleasant most of the year as it enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. The annual temperatures average 20°C (68°F) and rainfall abounds. The sunshine is long-lasting. The climate in winter is mild, and summers are free from extreme heat. The flowers and trees are lush all year around.

4-Day Xiamen Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Xiamen Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 17 17 19 23 27 30 32 32 31 27 24 19
High(℉) 62.6 62.6 66.2 73.4 78.8 86 89.6 89.6 86 80.6 73.4 66.2
Low (℃) 10 10 12 16 20 24 25 25 24 20 16 12
Low(℉) 50 50 53.6 60.8 68 75.2 77 77 75.2 69.8 60.8 53.6
Rain (mm) 37 74 95 135 162 195 144 182 119 35 29 27


spring in xiamen

Weather: As the temperature picks up in spring, the rainfall increases. There can be thick fog at midnight and dawn. Visibility is actually quite poor. The changeable weather usually stays around 20℃/68℉.

Clothing: Thin jackets or sweaters are suitable for the temperature in the morning while additional overcoats can be necessary. When the temperature surges in May, short-sleeves, shorts and skirts are good choices. Sun hats can be quite handy.

Things to do: A tour in the campus of Xiamen University that features ancient and characteristic architecture as well as tall, red silk cotton trees and ancient banyans can be really worthwhile.


summer in xiamen

Weather: Winds from the sea and the thunderstorms bring coolness to the heat of summer. Typhoons and torrential rains may occur from time to time. The temperature stays around 30℃/86℉, and the humidity is just staggering.

Clothing: In addition to general summer clothes, thin sun-blocking clothes protect your skin from both the sun burn and the mosquitos.

Things to do: Wuyishan Mountain can be a great choice for escaping the heat. It is such a tranquil resort. River rafting along the valley in the scenic area is a lovely journey.


autumn in xiamen

Weather: The sunny days are dominant during fall. The ultraviolet light is intense and the wind blows heavily.

Clothing: As t-shirts and short-sleeves are good enough for the morning and afternoon, bringing along warmer clothes is always wise to fend off the sudden drop in the temperature.

Things to do: Huandao Road serves a trunk road on Xiamen Island. Riders may find it fascinating to cycle along with the backdrop of blue ocean and clean sands, and the mountains lying in the distance. The traditional fishing villages are well preserved here. When it is clear, you can see all the way to the other side of Taiwan Strait.


winter in xiamen

Weather: The wind from the northeast can be light, but it is never chilly here. The humidity reaches its lowest in January.

Clothing: Thermal leggings or trousers, woolen pullovers and woolen overcoats are proper choices for the winter in Amoy.

Things to do: When it comes to the last month of a year, the Bougainvillea spectabilis, or Great Bougainvillea, are still blooming. And Gulang Island is always the top scenic area in Xiamen. Many construction complexes that date back to the time before the foundation of the current Republic can be seen sprawling across the hills. They are simple and yet chic.

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