TOP 4 Beijing Snack Streets

TOP 4 Beijing Snack Streets

It is definitely a smart choice to barge into a Beijing snack street and begin the tour that will lead you to a genuine understanding of authentic local snacks. People will definitely find something delicious hidden in the alleys.

1. Xianyukou (Seafood) Time-honored Cuisine Street – a street with a cluster of old restaurants in Beijing

The seafood street near Qianmen dates back 570 years. Fish themed decorations can be seen on bricks and the lamps in the block are all decorated with fish. All the stores have inviting flags blowing in the wind. Antique plaques are part of the capital legacy. It is favored by visitors as they will find most kinds of Beijing snacks there.
Recommendation: Jinfang Snacks, Donglaishun Skewers, Tianxingju Mansion Stewed Liver, Pianyi (Affordable) House and Wangji Pan-fried Dumplings.
Address: No. 123, Dajiang Hutong, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Attractions nearby: Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven Park and Beihai (North Lake) Park

2. Niujie Street - the authentic halal food street

Niujie Street is home to the Muslim community in Beijing. Niujie Street and the nearby Hutongs are full of halal flavors and old Beijing flavored snack bars and restaurants. Niujie’s halal snacks are famous for their exquisite workmanship, exhaustive variety and delicious flavors. It is natural to order Douzhir and Quick-fried Tripe. Ordering them in Beijing is just like asking for fish and chips in Britain.
Recommendation: Jubaoyuan Boiled Mutton, Mr. Man’s Quick-Fried Tripe, Chengyi Lamb Spine Hot Pot House can all be found here. Guests have to wait to hear their reservation numbers called in many restaurants. Turpan Restaurant, at the north end of the street is renowned for its construction and Uyghur cuisine.
Address:Niu Street, Guanganmennei Avenue, Xicheng (originally Xuanwu) District, Beijing
Attraction nearby: Capital Museum

3.Huguosi Snack Street – a street of affordable food

Huguosi Street is about 600 meters long and is named after the nearby temple. The former residence of Peking Opera Maestro, Mr. Mei Lanfang, and the People’s Theatre can be found in this street. The prosperous snack bars and specialty shops are known as Huguosi Snacks as a whole.
Recommendation: Huguosi Snack Bar and Mr. Man’s Quick-Fried Tripe(Lao Man Bao Du)
Address: Huguosi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Attractions nearby: Prince Kung’s Palace Museum, Beihai Park and Shichahai (indicating the ancient ten temples) Park

4.Ping’an Avenue - Historic Food Street

Along Ping’an Avenue, people can find all kinds of restaurants starting from Dongsishitiao Bridge. As many restaurants are built on the sites of some princes’ palaces and mansions, people can enjoy food and the historical architecture here. Every night, many people stroll along the Avenue to have dinner. Then they visit a nearby bar to enjoy themselves.
Recommendation: Gege (Royal princess) Mansion, formerly known as a house given by the Empress Dowager Cixi, provides various stewed food that was once offered in the royal court. Address: Near Guanyuan Bridge, west of Dongxishitiao Bridge, Xicheng District, Beijing
Attractions nearby: Nanluoguxiang Hutong and Houhai (Back Lakes)

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