Top 4 Dali Snack Streets

Top 4 Dali Snack Streets

Wandering around the Ancient City of Dali is the best way to discover the tasty local food and wonderful views, especially when you are walking on the snack street.

1. Renmin Road

renmin road

Renmin Road is the main road in Dali Ancient City and also one of the busiest areas here. There were mostly wayside stalls in this road before the renovations. Now you can find traditional or modern stores, pubs and various snack bars. Don’t miss the independent music show at nighttime.

Recommended shops: Retrospect, Mr. Duan in Dali Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils theme Restaurant.
Address: Renmin Road, the Ancient City of Dali.
Transportation: Take No.8 bus to Wind and Moon hotel stop.
Nearby spots: Wuhua building, Dali Ancient City, Dali Foreign Street.

2. Dali Foreign Street

dali foreign street

This street was called ‘National Protection Street’ (Huguo Road). A memorial archway inlaid with ‘Foreign Street’ was at the cross of this street and Fuxing Road. You can find Chinese and western restaurants, jewelry shops, antique shops, tie-dye shops, galleries and souvenir shops along this street. It turns into a lively pub street at night.

Recommended shops: Waiting For You in Dali, Plum Well Restaurant, Tipsy Crystal Yunnan.
Address: Huguo Road, the Ancient City of Dali.
Transportation: Take No.2 self-service tour bus to Foreign Street stop or talk a walk from anywhere in Dali Ancient City.
Nearby spots: Zhonghe Temple, Chinese Rural Film History Museum, Dali Cultural Park, Dali theme post office, Guandi Temple, Yu'er Park.

3. Fuxing Road

fuxing road

Fuxing Road is the main street from the south to the north of Dali Ancient City. The pattern of this road and residential buildings haven’t changed much since the 15th year of the Hongwu Period (AD 1382, Ming Dynasty). Today, Fuxing Road has evolved into a tourist street with local characteristics shops along it selling tie-dye clothing, Heqing silverware, marble crafts, Burmese jade, Pu'er tea, and preserved fruit.

Recommended shops: Plum Well Restaurant, Double Bridges.
Address: Fuxing Road, the Ancient City of Dali.
Transportation: Take No.8 bus to Fuxing Road.
Nearby spots: Dali Cultural Park, Dali Ancient City, Three Pagodas in Chongsheng Temple.

4. Yu’er Road

yu er road

Yu’er Road traverses Dali City and is the only way to visit Cang Mountain. There are many hotels and restaurants on both sides of the road. You can also find various shops on this road. It is a very busy pedestrian street.

Recommended shops: Stone Well Kitchen, Apricot Blossoms Restaurant.
Address: Yu’er Road, the Ancient City of Dali.
Transportation: Take No.8 bus to the eastern memorial archway stop near Yu’er Road from the Dali City.
Nearby spots: Dali Ancient City, Yu’er Park, Pohyon Temple, Jianggong Shrine.


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