Top 7 Lijiang Cuisines

the essence from ethnic integration
Top 7 Lijiang Cuisines

Yunnan (or Dian, for short) Cuisine embodies the unique personality of the cooking culture of 25 ethnic minorities as well as the majority ethnic group, Han. The fusion of the above give life to the local cuisine. Rich ecological raw materials, unique techniques and distinctive national characteristics are all attractive parts of Yunnan Cuisine. The cuisines in Lijiang are also the essence derived from the integration from all of the ethnic groups.

1. Preserved Lijiang Steaks Hot Pot

preserved lijiang steaks hot pot Preserved Lijiang Steaks Hot Pot

‘Preserved Lijiang Steaks’ is the main dish of the third course, Celebration Course of Sandie Shui Banquet stack (three-course banquet for honorable guests). Sandie Shui to Naxi people is the Manchu-Han Imperial Feast to the general Han people. Locals call it “Snow Mountain Banquet”. The ingredients of the preserved steaks are the wild-range pigs raised by Naxi people. It is preserved and air dried for a long time. Longer air drying brings a stronger flavor. Preserved steaks, taro, Chinese yams, fragrant-flowered garlic, asparagus lotus root and other ingredients are all cooked in an earthen pot. It is stewed with a light heat. The soup is white and the meat is tender. Various vegetables can be added to the hot pot to your own taste.

Characteristics: Quality preserved steaks are dry and tight. They look yellow and red and they have a good meaty aroma.
Preserved Steak Restaurant (Shiquan Jiumei Branch)
Address: Address: No. 38, Zhongyi Lane, Guangyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

2. Naxi Barbeque

naxi barbeque Naxi Barbeque

Nasi Barbeque is a favorite dish among the Naxi people. It is a traditional dish among the traveling merchants along the Ancient Tea Horse Road. The Marbled meat is first preserved with all the necessary conditioning and then roasted in hand-made stoves. Even the carbon used for the stove is carefully baked. The full toasted or medium toasted meat can be eaten or stored for later meals. Locals fry the stored meat with mint first and then serve it.

Characteristics: The skin is golden and soft, the fat is aromatic but not greasy, and the lean meat is tender and tasty.
Xiao Guoba Naxi Gourmet
Address: Lijiang 8 Ba, No.1, Jinhong Road, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

3. Black Goat Hot Pot

black goat hot potBlack Goat Hot Pot

Black goats are bred in the pollution-free Lijiang. The variety can sustain the UV radiation and coldness in the high mountain area. Black goat meat has a better texture and nutrients. Naxi People really love the dish. Black goat meat has smaller muscle fiber and tenderer texture. The goat taint can hardly be felt. The chef also adds a lot of vegetables and fungi into the hot pot for an unforgettable dish.

Wu Ka Ka Yunnan Tastes·Wild Fungi and Black Goat Hot Pot
Address: No. 17-1, Zhenxing Lane, Wuyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

4. Pipa Meat

The lard meat around the guts is the food by Pumi, Naxi and other ethnic groups. The slaughtered pigs are eviscerated first. The bones are then removed and salt and peppercorns are spread in the abdominal cavity, and then the pig is sewn up. As the shape looks like the Chinese lute, Pipa, it is also called Pipa Meat. The aroma of the pork is released with the various seasonings. The dish is another successful invention of preparing something fat into a dish that is not greasy at all.

Characteristics: the dish has a strong fleshy color. The fragrance is very strong.
Foodie Hall
Address: Lugu (a lake in the valley as put in local Mosuo Language) Lake Scenic Area, opposite to the parking lot of Daluoshui Village near Lugu Lake,

5. Flowers Floating in the Water (Shuixingyanghua)

flowers floating in the water Flowers Floating in the Water

This is a well-known dish in Lijiang. The main ingredient is actually an edible wild herb that floats on the lakes in Lijiang. Its white flowers are above the water while the whole plant is in the water. Every restaurant has its own cooking method, such as frying with minced garlic, with soy sauce or just oil. It tastes refreshing and smooth.

Characteristics: It is light, delicious, smooth and refreshing.
A Ma Yi Naxi Snack (Xiao Shiqiao Branch)
Address: No. 18, Lower Section of Zhenxing Lane, Wuyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China.

6. Steam Pot Chicken (Qi Guo Ji)

This chicken is named after its cooking method. The main cooking method is just steaming. The well-steamed chicken is really good for heath and improving appetite. The utensil of the dish has to be the fine purple pottery from Jianshui County in Yunnan Province. The simple Jianshui Boiler has an oblate cavity with an hollow pipe, through which the steam will go into the pot. When the steam is cooled over the lid, it drops back into the pot as chicken soup. After being cooked for 2 to 3 hours, it can be served.

Characteristics: Chicken nuggets are fresh and the soup is sweet.
Xiao Chuxi Private Dish
Address: No. 6, Upper Section of Zhenxing Lane, Wuyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

7. Broad Bean Rice (Dou Men Fan)

The rice is cooked with freshly-picked broad beans, fried ham and delicious rice. It is both a principal food and a dish. The white, red and green colors in the dish are very attractive. The aromatic ham, the sweet beans and the sticky rice make it a must-try in Yunnan.

Characteristics: refreshing and delicious.
Disappear Life (Yinyu Lane Branch)
Address: No. 70, Zhenxing Lane, Wuyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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