Qingdao Cuisine

Qingdao Cuisine

Dishes served in Qingdao mainly belong to Shandong cuisine, which is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines (also among the ‘Eight Major Cuisines’). It is probably an ancient cuisine and the chef has to be very skilled with preparing and cooking. As Qingdao is the largest coastal city in Shandong, marine products will be the top choice. There are a couple of protocols of the feast and among all the seafood, sea cucumber is always a must.

Pork ribs & rice

pork ribs & rice

Pork ribs and rice is among the top ten famous foods in Qingdao. This convenient dish that got spread over the country was actually first cooked here in Qingdao. The earliest eatery dates to over 80 years ago. The cooking is not complicated, but the key is to retain the essence of the meat on the ribs. It is both tasty and nutritious.

Characteristics:the meat is tender and the dish is delicious.
Recommendation: Wanhechun Pork Rice Claypot (the 8th Taidong Road Branch)
Address: Crossing of No. 66 8th Taidong Road (close to Liangshunlai Hotel)

Minced Meat & Sea Cucumber

minced meat & sea cucumber

Minced Meat & Sea Cucumber is a traditional dish in Qingdao. It has the flavor of both meat and sea cucumber. Sea cucumber is believed to be “warm” for your body. It is one of the top delicacies from the sea. People love to eat it all the time. The minced meat adds more flavor to it. The meat and the sea cucumber together look red and crystal. Some people love to wrap them into a small pancake and eat it all together.

Characteristics: it is spicy and tender.
Recommendation: Qiao Jiaodong
Address: No. 116, Zhangzhou Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Stir-fried Conches

stir-fried conches

Conches are deep-water products in Qingdao. The black-skinned conches grown on the seashore of Hong Island are fresh and delicate. There are many dishes in Shandong Cuisine made from conches. Stir-fried conches won the outstanding dishes award of Shandong Province in the first Shandong Cuisine Grand Prix and are one of the top ten representative dishes of Qingdao.

Characteristics: It is oily but not greasy. It is tender and soft.
Recommendation: Qiao Jiaodong
Address: No. 116, Zhangzhou Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Sauté Cabbage with Prawns

sauté cabbage with prawns

This is a special dish of Qingdao, and Shandong Cuisine too. Prawn and cabbage are the main ingredients. The savory taste is delicious as the cabbage is tasty after absorbing the sauce therein. It is an easy and yet tasty dish.

Characteristics: the prawns are delicious and unique.
Recommendation: Boyue Private Kitchen
Address: No. 1, Haiyou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup with Clams

dough drop and assorted vegetable soup with clams

This is a traditional wheaten food where clams, prawns and other seafood are boiled with spätzle (a German style egg noodle). It tastes smooth and the clams are fresh and tender. The broth features the scent of scallion oil and the clams. It has a nice aftertaste.

Characteristics: the broth is delicious.
Recommendation: Lv's Geda Soup (Wanda Branch at Licang District)
Address: 310, 3F, Wanda Plaza, Jufeng Road, Licang District, Qingdao

Fried Cuttlefish with Leek

fried cuttlefish with leek

Qingdao people love this local specialty. Fishermen tend to stir-fry the ingredients and the dish can be served very quickly so the natural taste can be well preserved.

Characteristics: it is fresh and refreshing with the original flavor well preserved.
Recommendation: Wuming Eatery
Address: No. 14, Qufu Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Stewed Chicken with Laoshan Mushroom

stewed chicken with laoshan mushroom

This is one of the representative local dishes. A cock younger than one year is cooked in soup-stock. The taste of stewed chicken and Laoshan mushroom is delicious beyond words. The dish features the tender chicken and the smooth Laoshan mushroom.

Characteristics: the chicken is tender and the broth is delicious.
Recommendation: Huanhai Fishing Vilage
Address: No. 176, Diaolongzui Village, Wangge Village Community, Laoshan District, Qingdao

Mantis Shrimps Dressed with Pepper Salt

mantis shrimps dressed with pepper salt

As a nutritious and juicy dish, it is home style cooking. Mantis Shrimps will have a strong flavor. People love the fat in the brain of the mantis shrimps.

Characteristics: it is smooth and delicious.
Recommendation: Laizhishun Restaurant
Address: No. 14C, Hubei Road, Shibei District, Qingdao

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