China Photography Tours

China Photography Tours

With its vast territory and profound human civilization, China offers a unique look at folk customs in diverse regions from north to south and east to west. Whether you are looking for natural landscapes or documentary pictures, you will always return with some exquisite ones from China. Diverse topography creates the scenery of Karst, Danxia, Yardang, plateau and dune. Guilin, Zhangye, Dunhuang, and Inner Mongolia are the obvious representatives of them.

The cultural element of empathizing with people makes your photos more valuable. The themes of the Silk Road, minority villages in Yunnan and Guizhou, man-made wonders, poetic water towns, and ancient architecture are your best choices. Our professional photography guides in the major destinations know the best shooting spots and the best timing. No matter whether you are a skilled or amateur photographer, we can tailor-make the tours to meet your unique requests.

All you need is to bring your cameras and enjoy the moments.

Photo Tours Are Specially Designed for Pros and Enthusiasts

China Landscape Photography Tour Capture the most famous landscape spots in Guilin, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie and Zhangye, combining with modern cityscapes photography in Shanghai and Xi'an.
China Wedding Photography Tour Having wedding photos taken with background of ancient buildings and beautiful mountains over sunrise and sunset, yes, this tour it is.
Autumn Photography Tour in Beijing and Inner Mongolia Photograph the autumn foliage of Inner Mongolia and spectacular historical site of Beijing
Silk Road Photography Tour Shoot wild and dry northwest landscape and historical sites, capture the other side of China.
Guilin Photography Tour Have seen countless photos of an old man fishing with his cormorants under the soft gaslamp light, now you could photograph his life right away!
Birding Tour in Eastern China Not all birds were eaten by Chinese, there are so many left here :)
10 Days Photography Tour in Guilin and Xiapu Photograph the most beautiful landscape and most photogenic mudflats in China
Ethnic Minority Photography Tour in Yunnan and Guizhou Province Meet various minority people in Yunnan and Guizhou province, film tribe life and unique architectures.

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