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The China National Tourism Administration shows that almost 800,000 Australians travelled to China in 2017. This means, there are many more flight options now than just 20 years ago. It’s a 10-hour flight from Sydney to Guangzhou and 12 hours up to Beijing. Sometimes you can find very good deals on international flights; for example, from Sydney to Beijing for only about AUD450 round trip.

Here are the flight times and flight availability from several Australian cities to various destinations in China.

Departure City Arrival City Flying time Non-Stop / Direct Flights
Sydney Beijing 12hrs Daily
Shanghai 11hrs Daily
Guangzhou 9hrs 40mins Daily
Hong Kong 9hrs 40mins Daily
Melbourne Shanghai 10hrs 40mins Daily
Hong Kong 9hrs 40mins Daily
Guangzhou 9hrs 45mins Daily
Beijing 11hrs 45mins Not daily
Perth Hong Kong 7hrs 50mins Daily
Shanghai 13 hrs Not daily
Beijing 13 hrs
Guangzhou 8hrs
Adelaide Guangzhou 9hrs 15mins Not daily
Hong Kong 9hrs
Brisbane Guangzhou 9hrs 5mins Not daily
Beijing 14 hrs
Shanghai 10hrs 25mins
Hong Kong 9hrs 15mins

* The information above is for reference only. The actual flight time is based on the specific flight schedule on the travel date.

TIP: How to get a good deal on international flights?

  • Book your international flight at least 30 days before departure.
  • Generally, the earlier you book, the better deal you can get. But, sometimes, there are last minute deals (within 30 days of departure).
  • Flights with at least one stopover are usually cheaper than direct flights and on average take about 3 to 5 hours longer.
  • Make sure you check not just the STATED online TICKET price, but the FULL online price including baggage fees, departure taxes, etc.

Our most recommended online flight booking websites are: Expedia, SkyScanner, and Kayak.

We also recommend checking the following airline’s official websites: Qantas, China Southern Airline, China Eastern Airline, and Air China.

China Visa

Australian citizens generally need a visa to visit China's mainland (HK and Macau are Visa-free). There are some situations where Australians can get limited stay, visa-free entry into mainland China. Click here for more information.

Tourists need to apply for an L type Visa and the duration of each stay is 30 days.

You can check out this page to apply online China Visa Application Service Center or this page for information.

There are 5 Chinese Consulate Generals in Australia located in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

It normally takes 4 working days to process a tourist L visa and applicants need to factor in extra postal time (possibly 3-5 days for the return).

Overall, factor a minimum of 2 weeks from the time you apply, but it can possibly take more. Overnight and 2-day rush services are available, but prior approval is necessary for these services and is not guaranteed. Extra postage fees also apply.

For more information, like 144-hour and 72-hour visa-free transit.

Costs for general items in China
Items Meal for 1 person – inexpensive restaurant Meal for 2 people - mid-range restaurant McDonalds (per person) Domestic Beer (500ml) Bottled water (550ml) Milk (250ml) Banana (per kilo) Apple (per kilo) Flag-Down fare for taxis
Cost 3-7AUD 20-50 AUD 6-9 AUD 2-3 AUD 0.5-2 AUD 1-2 AUD 1-2 AUD 2-5 AUD 2-3 AUD
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Customer Name: Mervyn Dorothy Brown from Australia

Traveled with Carol & CET in April 2018

review from australia

Hi Carol,
It was good to hear from you and we are very happy to help with feedback. We had a wonderful trip and it is difficult to point to one thing but I think the learning curve about China was tops for me. This is a direct result of the excellent guides and their always interesting chats. The right amount of information sprinkled with plenty of fascinating stories. I have been talking about your country ever since I returned. The format of our itinerary was excellent. Beijing and Xian: history. Guilin, Yellow Mountain, Hangzhou and Suzhou: scenic beauty. Shanghai: modern China.
We will pass on your company details to friends and acquaintances who are interested in China and when Merv gives a talk on his trip to China to his "Men's Club" he will definitely refer to China Educational Tours. We are happy to share some photos of the trip on your website and to share our memories on Trip Adviser. It was special to meet you and thank you for taking the time to share a meal with us.
Best wishes,

School Name: Leongatha Primary School

Traveled with Michael & CET more than 10 times

review from australia school

Hi Michael,
Sorry this has taken so long but travelling is such busy work and we both decided today to have a quiet day and catch up on a lot of things.
The guides in each city were very good, helpful, friendly and very supportive. What impressed me the most is they were able to give just the right amount of information for our group. When we first did these trips the guides tried to give too much information and the children lost interest. This time all the guides kept it short and relevant. A particular mention to Windy in Xi’an, she was excellent. Having a WeChat account meant that I shared contacts with each guide and they were able to assist at all times.
Your charges are incredible, service is 100%. I always feel safe travelling to China because I know I always have a support network behind me if I need assistance. Having WeChat to communicate directly with you and the local guides is just about essential.
Rob Higgins