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When we say a 'Culture Tour', we mean it.

China, a land of ancient history and mesmerizing culture, offers a unique journey that few other places can rival. Whether you find yourself intrigued by the rich historical tales of powerful dynasties, fascinated by the art and architecture, or simply looking to immerse yourself in local traditions, these China culture tours will enrich your experience and ignite your passion for this awe-inspiring nation.

We have discovered different types of culture exchange programs. Our programs are varied from Dumpling Making, Cooking Class, Company Visit to Home Stay and to be a Volunteer Teacher in a local school. Culture learning is not from what you see, but from what you DO. We are here to help make your dreams come alive!

Discover the Essence of China's Culture with Our Sample Cultural Route

Beijing (1-2 nights) - Discover the Icons of China's Ancient Capital

Highlights: Begin your China culture tour in Beijing, the nation's capital and a cultural hub.

Xi'an (1-2 nights) - Step Back in Time

Highlights: Continue your culture tour in Xi'an, a city bursting with historical treasures.

Shanghai (1-2 nights) - The Gem of the East

Highlights: Experience the perfect blend of ancient and modern in China's most cosmopolitan city.

Suzhou (1 night) - Cultural Experience in the City of Gardens

Highlights: From garden scenery to water town delicious food.

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