Hong Kong Weather in March

Hong Kong Weather in March

The highest maximum temperatures in March can be as much as 28°C/82°F, and while the lowest minimum can be 11°C/52°F, the average minimum is 18°C/64°F. It can be a bit hot this month.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
18 28

Sunny Days: 2 days
Cloudy Days: 24 days
Rainy Days: 5 days

What to wear and bring?

Early March
The highest temperature in this period can reach 26℃/78.8℉, and there are a few rainy days. It is recommended that you wear some cool clothing when you stay outside, such as shorts, T-shirts and skirts.

It is hotter than during the last period, and the minimum temperature can reach 20℃/68.0℉. So you can wear cooler clothing during this period. T-shirts and vests are adequate. Do not stay outside for a long time because sun protection is extremely important.

Late March
The weather situation is similar to mid-March, and you are advised to wear some cool clothing like shorts, T-shirts and other light clothing, and don’t forget sun protection.

Historical Hong Kong Weather in March

historical hongkong weather in marchclick here to enlarge
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