Hong Kong Weather in November

Hong Kong Weather in November

It is not cold in November in Hong Kong. The average temperature is between 20℃/68.0℉ and 24℃/75.2℉, and the lowest temperature is just 15℃/59℉. There are more cloudy days and less rainy days than last month.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
20 29

Sunny Days: 2 days
Cloudy Days: 22 days
Rainy Days: 5 days
Overcast Days: 1 day

What to wear and bring?

Early November
It rains lightly in early November for a couple of days. The highest temperature can reach 28℃/82.4℉, so it is a little hot during this period. You are advised to wear a light coat, long sleeves and long pants. In this climate, carrying a bottle of water is also rather important.

The weather is similar to early November, and it is recommended that you wear shorts with a coat, or long sleeves. And it is necessary to carry rain gear.

Late November
The temperature in this period is lower than other periods, with the lowest temperatures being between 15℃/59.0℉and 21℃/69.8℉. You can wear light and comfortable clothing, like light coats, thin trousers and thin sweaters.

Historical Hong Kong Weather in November

historical hongkong weather in novemberclick here to enlarge
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