Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

2023 is the year of the Rabbit, starting from January 22nd of 2023 (which is the Chinese New Year), and ending on February 9th of 2024 (which is the Eve of the next Chinese New Year). For those who were born in previous Rabbit years (1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011), 2023 is Ben Ming Nian, which means your fortune will be influenced by the Tai Sui Star, so 2023 will be a challenging year for the Rabbit. Chinese astrology predictions reveal that you should be patient and have the courage to face difficulties that will bring about greatness for your future.

The Rabbit represents longevity and good luck and is one of the most likeable signs because Rabbit people are affectionate, agreeable, generous, and laid back. They avoid conflicts as much as possible and instead remain focused on more pleasant experiences. In fact, they may become so distracted having fun that they forget about their loved ones or other important responsibilities. They are usually quiet and often seek security in their relationships – their ideal partner is someone protective and strong, but also loving with a kind heart. Rabbits are often perceived as preferring the easy road due to their tendency to become easily distracted by more enjoyable activities. They are outgoing creatures, who are diplomatic by nature, and always polite to others – which makes them sometimes come across as being fake. They are, however, popular and loved by their friends and family. Many have a creative side making them great artists.

The Story

The Tiger was closely followed by the clever Rabbit, who had crossed the river by quickly leaping from one floating log to another. He had almost fallen into the river, but his luck prevailed as he was just able to grab a floating branch which washed him close to shore. He nearly fell in the raging river again as he struggled to hop onto land, but suddenly and unexpectedly, a small gust of wind blew just at the right time to help the lucky Rabbit get ashore and once on dry land, he quickly hopped across the finish line into fourth place.

Years and Types

There are five elements that give the Rabbit specific characteristics and personality traits beyond its symbol of wealth. The most recent years of the Rabbit include 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011. After 2019, the next two years we will be 2023 and 2035.

Types Years of Birth Characteristics and Personality Traits
Wood Rabbit 1975, 2035 Gentle, kind-hearted, artistic, nature lover.
Fire Rabbit 1927, 1987 Passionate, sociable, happy.
Earth Rabbit 1939, 1999 Peace loving, laid-back, realistic.
Metal Rabbit 1951, 2011 Ambitious, good planner, loves to help others, confident.
Water Rabbit 1963, 2023 Creative, visionary, philosophical, dreamer.

Famous people born in the year of the Rabbit

In Western Countries

Queen Victoria (born May 24, 1819), Queen of Great Britain from June 20, 1837 until her death, and genius theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (born Mar 14, 1879). Other celebrities born in the year of the rabbit, including Roger Moore (born Oct 14, 1927), Tina Turner (born Nov 26, 1939), Michael Jordan (born Feb 17, 1963), Tiger Woods (born Dec 30, 1975), Lionel Messi (born Jun 24, 1987).

In China

The Qianlong Emperor (born Sept 25, 1711) was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty and the one of longest-reigning de facto rulers in the history of the world. Mi Fu (born 1051) was a Chinese painter, poet, and calligrapher during the Song Dynasty. He became known for his style of painting misty landscapes. He was regarded as one of the four greatest calligraphers of the Song Dynasty.

Chen Duxiu (born Sept 9, 1879) was a Chinese revolutionary socialist, educator, philosopher, and author who co-founded the Chinese Communist Party in 1921.

Tao Xingzhi (born 1891) was a renowned Chinese educator and reformer in the Republic of China. He devoted his life to promoting mass education in China, especially education in rural areas in the first half of the 20th century.

Liu Cixin (born June 23, 1963) is a Chinese science fiction writer. He is the winner of the 2015 Hugo Award for “The Three-Body Problem”.

Pan Shiyi (born Nov 14, 1963) is a Chinese businessman and the Chairman of SOHO China. He co-founded SOHO China with his wife Zhang Xin in 1995.

Personality Traits and Character

Positive personality traits

clever rabbit

Intuitive, smart, alert, quick, skillful, patient, compassionate, amiable, gentle, kind, empathic, friendly, sociable, diplomatic, modest.
People born under the Rabbit zodiac sign are very friendly, well-mannered, and gentle individuals. They are among the most likeable people of the zodiac – preferring peace and harmony to violence and conflict. They will try to find solutions to problems through compromise and negotiation and it’s hard to get them angry. They are easygoing and always there to help or offer advice. They can be generous to a fault – a Rabbit would give away his or her last penny to someone in true need. Rabbits are born diplomats – they have tremendous communication skills and are excellent negotiators who can easily connect people or help opposing parties make peace. The Rabbit can also speak eloquently and knowledgably about many things. Their interests are wide-ranging and global. Rabbits can be very successful as long as they keep their fears in check.

Negative personality traits

lrritating rabbit

Anxious, fearful, hesitant, superficial, lazy, touchy, overly-discreet, timid.
On the negative side, Rabbits can be overly sentimental and delicate. Since they're creatures of comfort, when things get too uncomfortable or challenging, they'll choose to remove the disturbance by walking away instead of confronting and fixing the issue. They get anxious if forced to take risks. They dislike confrontation, instead preferring a peaceful, comfortable life. This means they rarely reveal what they're truly feeling in order to avoid conflict and disagreement. They also dislike change or new things – overly fearful of what they don’t know.

Exclusive Travel Destinations for the Rabbits

Your insight and curiosity shapes you as an aesthetic for the unique characteristics of culture, and you are zealous to dig deep into primitive minority villages and rural tranquility. Seeing as this is a remote place in China, Guizhou province just might be the perfect place to dive into. If you are interested, please check the Exclusive Travel Destinations for Chinese 12 Zodiac to know more details.

Love and Compatibility

rabbits in love

Rabbits are tender, caring, generous, and faithful lovers. They are very sexual and tend to give more of themselves than they should. Rabbits are easy going and they are often close friends with someone before they start a romantic relationship. They have difficulties sharing their true feelings with others and as a result, they can end up overlooked or misunderstood by others, including their own partners. They are skilled at making everyone around them happy. The only reason for conflict in a Rabbit relationship would be a sudden change or unpredictable behavior.

For Men

Being true to his namesake, a Rabbit man enjoys having multiple romantic interests. Using his charm, a Rabbit man approaches love as an extended practice session until he finds the ideal mate. Often taking longer than usual, a Rabbit man usually settles down eventually with one partner. When a Rabbit becomes a father, he teaches everything he knows to his children. Rabbit men love to share a home with a partner who takes care of them, keeps life peaceful, and doesn’t fuss over every detail. Creating conflicts often make them run away. Easily wounded, if a Rabbit man’s relationship ends, he will stay alone for a while before seeking another partner.

For Women

Rabbit women make ideal marriage partners as they have a natural gift for multi-tasking at home: taking care of children, creating harmony and beauty in the house, and preparing meals. They are great at taking care of everyone, but they need attention and love showered on them too. Because a Rabbit has a hard time taking good care of herself, attracting a partner is not always easy for her and generally will not happen early in her life. The ideal partner for a Rabbit woman is someone who listens to her and loves spending time with her. If she is given the proper emotional support, she will be loyal and supportive for the rest of her life.

Best Matches: Pig, Sheep, Dragon

1. Rabbit and Pig

The Pig is attracted by the Rabbit's intelligence and ability to negotiate their way out of trouble. The diplomatic Rabbit will be grateful to have a respectful, devoted, and loving partner in the Pig. These two signs can be very happy together because they accept each other's flaws and while they understand that conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, they both dislike confrontation and work hard to avoid it – making life quite peaceful.

2. Rabbit and Sheep

The Rabbit appreciates the Sheep's kindness and considers her/him trustworthy and dependable enough to make important decisions for the both of them. Both signs like order, peace, balance, and harmony in their lives and can support each other during tough times. They are also romantic and affectionate, so they will complement each other’s affection.

3. Rabbit and Dragon

Both signs relish a supportive relationship and even though they have different personalities, one partner's positive characteristics complements the other partner's flaws. The Rabbit relishes the power and protection of the Dragon and takes comfort in knowing that the Dragon will be a great provider and that nothing will be able to hurt it. The Dragon enjoys being with someone who readily acknowledges its power, talent, and intelligence and enjoys being the protector in the relationship. The Dragon also loves the easy-going, flexible nature of the Rabbit and both can be affectionate and loving in their own way.

Worst Matches: Rat, Tiger and Horse

1. Rabbit and Rat

The Rat can be possessive and jealous which are qualities the Rabbit doesn’t usually like. The Rabbit is usually passive and may not put enough effort into the relationship to make it work out long term, especially since the highly sociable Rat also may not put enough effort into the relationship. The Rabbit is gentle, timid, and prefers to stay at home, while the Rat is (again) quite sociable and enjoys being around many people and out in public. They do, however, both like to spend time with their family and they both set realistic goals in life.

2. Rabbit and Tiger

The Rabbit is sensitive, gentle, quiet, and the Tiger is loud, daring, and can't stand people who get emotional. The Rabbit doesn't appreciate the Tiger's spontaneity and unpredictability, as the Rabbit likes routine and certainty. The Tiger can get frustrated by the Rabbit’s inability to make quick decisions or do things on the spur of the moment, and the Tiger doesn’t enjoy spending so much time at home, which the Rabbit adores. However, the Rabbit will let the Tiger (who likes to be in charge) be the more dominant partner in the relationship.

3. Rabbit and Horse

The Rabbit is conservative and sensitive, and the Horse is hasty and fickle, so both signs may find each other intolerable. Neither of them may take the time and effort to make their relationship work. Even though the Horse is dedicated, caring, and capable of providing for the family, he/she will often get annoyed if the Rabbit puts all the responsibility entirely on him/her.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers Three, four and nine One, seven and eight
2. Colors Red, pink, purple and blue Dark brown, dark yellow and white
3. Flowers Snapdragon, Plantain Lily, Nerve Plant No unlucky flowers
4. Directions East, Southeast, South No unlucky directions
5. Element Wood No unlucky element
6. Season Spring No unlucky season
7. Gemstone Pearl No unlucky gemstone

Career and Health Outlook


rabbits are cooking mooncakes

Due to their gentle, caring nature and their attention to detail, Rabbits excel in academia or professions that require having to deal with people (law, public relations, or counseling). Rabbits work carefully and will rarely make a decision without having all the information. They know their limits and even though many find this boring, a Rabbit's steady focus and practical pace allow them to achieve more than others who have unrealistic expectations and high ideals. They are very responsible and devoted to their jobs. They are good in professions involved with diplomatic work as they are skilled and reducing conflict.
Good career choices: Doctor, nurse, publisher, translator, librarian, fashion designers, writers, teacher, public relations officers, writer, artist, counselor/therapist, lawyer.



Because Rabbits don't get visibly upset or stressed due to keeping their feelings to themselves, they can become sick, anxious, and depressed from not more adequately dealing with their feelings. They need to express their feelings better and exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and incorporate relaxation techniques into their life, like Yoga.

Rabbit Horoscope in 2024

2024 Overall: 5/5 stars

In the year of 2024, you will have a lot of good luck. When your luck is good, you can share your good fortune with others. You can take the initiative to help your family and friends or people in trouble, and help others to get through difficult times, as well as build a good network for yourself, which will make your good luck continue.

Career: 4/5 stars

You can find a suitable stage for yourself to show your skills, the future is bright, as long as you dare to try and implement into action will be able to emerge, whether it is to study abroad or send out on a business trip or cross-field development can shine.

Wealth: 5/5 stars

Your money game is strong, and brace yourself for some surprise boosts in property and financial backing from the fam!

Love: 5/5 stars

If you're rocking a significant other, get ready for some serious sweetness leading to wedding bells in 2024. And for those with a full-blown family, count on solid support vibes throughout the year. Whenever you're feeling drained, there's a family member ready to dish out some TLC, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Health: 4/5 stars

In 2024, you need to reduce the frequency of social gatherings, do not let too many unnecessary exchanges affect your physical and mental health, and stay away from complaining friends and relatives.

By Eric M. Meyer
Senior Editor
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