Year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

People born in the Year of the Tiger are dominant, magnetic people, so courageous and strong that they can come across as overly confident, authoritative, and domineering.

Their fearless nature means they'll try anything new and not back down from challenges. They rarely abandon projects or responsibilities before completion. However, they may become aggressive if trapped or violent if attacked. They are deeply in-tune with their emotions, thus making them awesome lovers or partners. They seek balance between their domineering and strongly competitive nature and their immense need for love, so they bring passion and candor into any relationship. They prefer a stable, harmonious partner who provides support and admiration. They have great confidence and renowned courage, though they can be hurt by criticism.

Tigers are best known for their amazing ability to bounce back from problems and they are dignified and courageous in facing any challenge, making them great leaders. They are highly intelligent individuals who have a diverse set of career options. Their intrepidness provides for varied life experiences which enriches their life and adds depth to their personality.

The Story of the Tiger

Originally lion was listed in the third place, but Emperor Jade thought lion is too ferocious, so he decided to choose another animal instead . Tiger stands out as a perfect candidate . Emperor Jade send tiger to beat revolting lion ,bear , horse and turtle monster . Finally tiger was rewarded the 3rd place in the zodiac system.

Watch the video and learn about the interesting story behind the zodiac tiger.

video the story of the tiger

Years and Types

There are five elements that give the Tiger specific characteristics and personality traits beyond its symbol of wealth. The most recent years of the Tiger include 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010. After 2019, the next two years we will be 2022 and 2034.

Types Years of Birth Characteristics and Personality Traits
Wood Tiger 1974, 2034 Gentle, warm-hearted, modest.
Fire Tiger 1986, 2046 Outgoing, energetic, observant.
Earth Tiger 1938, 1998 Easy going, smart, accepting.
Metal Tiger 1950, 2010 Energetic, ambitious, blunt.
Water Tiger 1962, 2022 Hard worker, responsible, ambitious, self-assured.

Famous people born in the year of the Tiger

In Western Countries

Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Terry Wogan, Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga.

Queen Elizabeth II (born April 21, 1926). Sir Michael Terence Wogan (born Aug 3, 1938), better known as Terry Wogan, was an Irish radio and television broadcaster who worked for BBC radio. His breakfast program drew an estimated eight million listeners. Other celebrities born in the year of the rabbit, including Richard Branson (born July 18, 1950), Tom Cruise (born July 3, 1962), Victoria Beckham (born April 17, 1974).

In China

Kangxi Emperor (born May 5, 1654), born Xuanye, was the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty and the second Qing emperor to rule over China proper, from 1661 to 1722. He is considered one of China’s greatest emperors.

Tang Yin (born in 1470), nicknamed Tang Bohu, was a Chinese scholar, painter, calligrapher, and poet of the Ming dynasty period whose life story has become a part of popular lore.

Zhao Mengfu (born in 1254), a descendant of the Son Dynasty’s imperial family, was a Chinese scholar, painter, and calligrapher during the Yuan Dynasty. He was known for his paintings of horses. His landscapes are done in a literal style that focuses more on the lay of the land.

Sun Yet-sen (born Nov 12, 1925) was a Chinese politician, medical doctor, and philosopher, who served as the provisional first president of the Republic of China and is referred to as the “Father of the Nation” for his role in overthrowing the Qing dynasty during the Xinhai Revolution.

Peng Liyuan (born Nov 20, 1962) is a Chinese contemporary folk singer and performing artist and the current First Lady of China (as of 2019).

Zhang Yimou (born April 2, 1950) is a Chinese film director, producer, writer, actor, and cinematographer.

Wu Jing (born April 3, 1974) is a Chinese martial artist, actor, and director. Wu is best known for his roles in various martial art films such as “Wolf Warrior” and its sequel.

Personality Traits and Character

Positive personality traits

clever tiger

Brave, trustworthy, intelligent, adventurous, competitive, confident, charismatic, energetic, enthusiastic, talented.

People born in the year of the Tiger are born leaders, the animal that represents courage and authority. Tigers are also fighters. They fight not only with the outside world, but also with themselves as they seek balance between their inner peace and their careers. They will walk through fire for the right cause and are not afraid to rebelliously go against the majority. There’s nothing that can stop them from achieving their goals, which they usually set high and work consistently hard to reach. Tigers generally like recognition for their achievements and their talents while also striving for approval from their family and friends. They are energetic, lively individuals who love challenges and are highly competitive. They are fearless and adventurous, so they enjoy trying new things.

Negative personality traits

angry tiger

Dramatic, selfish, arrogant, short-tempered, hasty, stubborn, judgmental, hostile, impulsive, unpredictable.

While generally outspoken and opinionated, they can still be tolerant and sensitive to the opinions of others. Tigers can be short-tempered if they don’t get their way and as one of the more unpredictable zodiacs, one never knows exactly how a Tiger will react. Tigers think and act fast, so they can be impulsive. Their talents, intelligence, and fearlessness can make them self-centered and arrogant. Tigers don't take criticism well and like to be in charge.

Exclusive Travel Destinations for the Tiger

Some sort of daring activities with a surge of adrenaline in travel ensure you will never be bored. A trip to Zhangjiajie is the perfect representation of this, and Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world, is an ideal destination for the courageous Tigers.If you are interested, please check the Exclusive Travel Destinations for Chinese 12 Zodiac to know more details.

Love and Compatibility


Tigers may be aggressive at times, but when in a relationship, their aggression turns to passion. They are charming, trustworthy, and fun, so they add a lot of excitement to their partner’s life. Tigers can be quick to begin new relationships and tend to naturally take on a more dominate role. In order to maintain a successful relationship with a Tiger, their partner needs to be comfortable with a less dominate role and be equally active to keep up with Tiger's sense of adventure. They are also generous in love and will often surprise their partners with gifts and grand gestures but expect their partners to show an equivalent amount of gratitude.

For Men

A Tiger man does not settle down easily with one person and enjoys his freedom. He looks for a partner who shares his interests and respects his power and abilities. When you demonstrate intellect to a Tiger man, his interest may grow and he will be faithful, as he can be seduced by mental prowess. If you only use body language, he may soon look elsewhere. Flirting and small adventures may continue after settling down with a Tiger, since such playfulness reinforces the seductive power of his stripes. His heart is loyal though and he marries only when he has found someone who he truly wants to spend his life with.

For Women

A Tiger woman enjoys the game of love and is full of life and passion. She tends to get romantically involved quickly and may decide to get married quickly too. She is mostly happy with her partner if the relationship allows her plenty of freedom, if her opinion and decisions are respected, and if her partner is willing to follow her lead. Tiger women have great character and are generally a joy to be around. To love a Tiger woman, a man must have plenty of energy and inner power, because she can’t stand boredom or listlessness. Mutual effervescence will combine in a magical, chemical-like reaction forming a life-long partnership with the passionate Tigress.

Best Matches: Horse, Dog, Pig

1. Tiger and Horse

While the Tiger is usually the more dominate partner, both are equally enthusiastic, energetic, and sociable. The Horse likes the Tiger's independent and unpredictable nature because it keeps life interesting and fun and the Horse doesn’t feel encumbered. The Tiger is attracted by the Horse's lively and confident personality. They share a great sense of humor and adventure and both take life’s problems in stride.

2. Tiger and Dog

The Tiger and the Dog make a great match. The Dog is understanding of the Tiger's spontaneous and impatient nature and enjoys the fun, fresh unpredictability that is brought into the relationship, while the Tiger loves, admires, and respects the Dog's devotion and loyalty. The Dog is rarely possessive or jealous which allows the Tiger to be comfortable being him/herself. Both signs have the ability to overlook the negative traits in each other and focus on the positives.

3. Tiger and Pig

The Pig is determined, committed, loyal and believes in the Tiger's ambitious goals. The Pig is understanding and not bothered by the Tiger's unpredictability because he/she sees a brave mate in the Tiger. The Tiger loves the commitment to the relationship and the loyalty of the Pig. The Tiger also enjoys the stability and tranquility that the Pig brings to their lives and their home.

Worst Matches: Sheep, Ox, Rabbit

1. Tiger and Sheep

Even though the Tiger loves the Sheep's sensitivity and creativity, and the Sheep is attracted to the Tiger's attractiveness, these two signs are not very compatible. The Tiger doesn't like the Sheep's possessiveness and the gentler Sheep might complain that the Tiger is indifferent, rude, and too sociable. The Tiger is ambitious in life, so he/she might find the Sheep too lethargic and needy. The Tiger is active and likes a fast-paced life, while the Sheep prefers a more peaceful and quieter life.

2. Tiger and Ox

While the Ox is practical and well-organized, the Tiger sees this as predictable and constraining. Tigers are passionate individuals who often like to be the center of attention, so the Ox will often feel insecure in the face of the Tiger’s outgoing, friendly nature. The Ox cannot stand the Tiger's temperamental nature so in order to make this relationship work, the Ox should be more understanding, while the Tiger should stay faithful and be less gregarious.

3. Tiger and Rabbit

The Tiger is brave, loud, and daring, while the Rabbit is sensitive, quiet, and timid. The Rabbit doesn't appreciate the Tiger's spontaneity and sense of adventure and the Tiger doesn't like highly sensitive people. The Tiger's zest for life may prove to be too strong and exciting for the more docile, anxious Rabbit.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers One, three and four Six, seven and eight
2. Colors Blue, gray, white and orange Gold, silver, brown and black
3. Flowers Cineraria, Anthurium No unlucky flowers
4. Directions South, East, Southeast No unlucky directions
5. Element Wood No unlucky element
6. Season Winter No unlucky season
7. Gemstone Sapphire No unlucky gemstone

Career and Health Outlook



Tigers are success-oriented individuals, born leaders who like to get things done, and they don't like to take orders. They are ambitious and seek out opportunities wherever they can find them. Their independent nature means they often prefer to work alone. Tigers need to be challenged which explains why some may change jobs frequently at the beginning of their careers. However, because they're smart and learn quickly, they succeed in whatever they do especially when they are enthusiastic about a project. They do not always make the greatest students, but their lack of focus or attention should not be misread for lack of intelligence or capability. Tigers generally need a challenge to stay interested. As artists or performers, their charisma helps attract fans.
Good careers choices: All leadership positions, management, politician, business executive, military, police, sales, actor, writer, musician, comedian, artist, pilot, flight attendant, travel, or explorer.



Tigers are very energetic and strong, so they usually stay quite healthy. However, they can be prone to overworking themselves, so they may feel overwhelmed and exhausted at times. They're usually able to recover quickly, but over time this tireless work ethic can cause serious health problems. Tigers need to maintain a healthy work/life balance, so they can utilize their physical energy more effectively. Tigers need to make time for themselves every day in order to stay sharp and be more productive, less stressed, and healthier.

Tiger Horoscope in 2024

2024 Overall: 3/5 stars

In 2024, there are a lot of unsatisfactory conditions occurring frequently, however, adversity is to test the state of mind, you need to slow down and stabilize your mind, remember not to rush.

Career: 2/5 stars

Career prospects present a formidable challenge, potentially necessitating a change in employment or assuming responsibilities in areas not within one's expertise. The unfamiliarity with these circumstances may subject individuals to scrutiny regarding their professional capabilities, resulting in a challenging period. Nevertheless, viewing these challenges as opportunities for growth and progress, a deliberate and gradual approach over the year can culminate in exemplary achievements in the ensuing year.

Wealth: 3/5 stars

Wealth accumulation is expected to exhibit average fortunes, demanding vigilance against ill-advised investment endeavors. Even recommendations from acquaintances merit careful consideration. A prudent strategy for 2024 involves prioritizing stability over rapid gains, fostering a steady and reliable path to financial prosperity.

Love: 3/5 stars

In matters of emotions, interactions with close family members may magnify minor issues, leading to verbal disputes. A judicious application of wisdom is essential for tolerance and mediation to prevent the deterioration of relationships. Proactively letting go of grievances is pivotal for charting a constructive course for relationship dynamics.

Health: 3/5 stars

Health considerations for the year necessitate a focused effort to counteract unforeseen circumstances that may impact the well-being of the individual. Conservation of energy, adjustment of work schedules, and avoidance of nocturnal activities are recommended measures to maintain a harmonious equilibrium of both body and mind.

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