Guilin Weather in October

Guilin Weather in October

In October, Guilin begins to embrace the cool fall. There is very little rainfall in October. It is generally sunny or cloudy. It is the best season for a tour.

Average MaximumAverage MinimumHighest Maximum Lowest Minimum

Sunny Days: 15 days

Cloudy Days: 14 days

Rainy Days: 2 days

What to wear and bring?

In early October

The temperature stays between 20 and 27°C and the weather is mainly cloudy. It is recommended to wear thin shirts and other thin clothes during the day. The temperature may drop below 20°C at night, and a thin sweater can be added to avoid catching a cold.


Weather on National Day and Mid-Autumn Day (Zhongqiu Jie) As the temperature varies between 23 and 30℃, it is wise to put on and take off clothes as per the change of temperature.

In mid-October

The temperature drops sharply in mid-October, marking the coming fall. The temperature in a day stands around 15-20°C, and it is sunny for most of the time. T-shirts and thin jackets are proper clothing for the fall.

In late Octover

Sunny days in late October usually mean giant temperature differences between day and night. It can be as low as 0°C overnight. The maximum daytime temperature is around 20°C. It is recommended to wear sweaters and thin cotton jackets for outings to avoid catching a cold.

Historical Guilin Weather in October

historical guilin weather in octoberclick here to enlarge
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