Guilin Weather

Guilin Weather

How is the weather in Guilin?

With its mild climate, Guilin has abundant rainfall, sunshine, and a long frost-free period. Long summers and short winters make four seasons which are totally different, with heat and summer coming together at the same time basically. The hottest day appears in August, and some extremely cold days in January.

Average Temperature of Guilin Average Precipitation of Guilin

4-Day Guilin Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 12 13 17 23 27 30 33 33 31 26 20 15
High(℉) 53.6 55.4 62.6 73.4 80.6 86 91.4 91.4 87.8 78.8 68 59
Low (℃) 5 7 11 16 20 23 25 24 22 17 12 7
Low(℉) 41 44.6 51.8 60.8 68 73.4 77 75.2 71.6 62.6 53.6 44.6
Rain (mm) 62 89 135 248 341 352 225 162 72 85 75 49


guilin in spring

Weather: The weather is a little chill during March and early April, and drizzle is frequent in the daytime. The weather in April and May is fine and fair, with the average daytime temperature during the day sitting on about 15°C. It is the best time for traveling.

Clothing: It is reasonable to wear a loose and comfortable shirt, trousers or a long dress for women in the daytime. A light coat, knitted cardigan, or windbreaker might be needed at night. As it drizzles in spring, you should be prepared with an umbrella.

Things to do: In spring, Guilin’s dramatic landscape is dotted with fresh flowers and trees, and it attracts a lot of people hiking or sailing along the Li River.

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guilin in summer

Weather: Summer is the rainy season in Guilin with increasing temperatures. It is both hot and humid at the same time.

Clothing: It is recommended to wear a T-shirt with a short skirt, or a pair of shorts. Sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen are really necessary.

Things to do: The Li River in summer has a full and varied landscape. On a sunny day, it is the right time for cruising to enjoy clear and beautiful sights. On a rainy day, the mist on the Li River is charming and beautiful.

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guilin in autumn

Weather: Autumn is from September to November, and in this period the Osmanthus trees that line the streets are full of fragrant blossoms. The weather is especially clear and pleasant in October.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes such as a long-sleeved shirt, and a thin coat. But in late November, a light sweater, jacket, or warm coat are needed.

Things to do: Hiking through the village of Longsheng is a good choice in autumn; you will see the majestic Terraced Fields with soft winds and a blue sky.

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guilin in winter

Weather: Guilin’s winter feels humid and chilly. November and December have occasional drizzle, but there is rare snow in the city center.

Clothing: In cold, humid weather, long-underwear helps you to keep warm, and long, thick socks can protect your feet. Wear a winter hat to keep your head warm. A sweater and a down coat are worth wearing.

Things to do: Winter in Guilin is also beautiful, and it is the low season for tourists, so you can escape the crowds in this period. You may admire the ink-painting-like scenery along the Li River, and enjoy the hot spring in Longsheng County.

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