Qingdao Weather

Qingdao Weather

What is the weather like in Qingdao?

Qingdao is located on the southeast coast of the Shandong Peninsula. It is the frontier of the China Japan ROK FTA (China-Japan-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement) with the Korean Peninsula right across the sea. Being a hilly coastal city, its terrain is high in the east and low in the west, and it has lower middle parts and higher ends on the north and south. The climate is a temperate monsoon climate. The monsoon, currents and water masses from the ocean bring forth a distinctive maritime climate. It is usually humid with abundant rainfall. The temperature is even moderate during the four distinctive seasons.

4-Day Qingdao Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Qingdao Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 8 10 17 20 27 28 31 35 29 23 19 10
High(℉) 46.4 50.0 62.6 68.0 80.6 82.4 87.8 95.0 96.8 73.4 66.2 50.0
Low (℃) -9 -8 -3 3 11 17 21 22 16 6 -1 4
Low(℉) 15.8 17.6 26.6 37.4 51.8 62.6 69.8 71.6 77.0 42.8 30.2 24.8
Rain (mm) 11 13 20 36 54 82 165 163 84 44 29 12


the spring of qingdao

Weather: The average temperature range is -8°C/17.6°F – 17°C/62.6°F, and the weather is cold and dry.
Clothing: From 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, put on heavy coats, fine sweaters and thermal bottoms. From 6 pm to 10 am on the next day, down jackets and cotton-padded coats are required. Try to stay indoors in such low temperatures. Put on a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. Be careful when you go outdoors on snowy days.
Things to do: Every March and April, Qingdao will become a city of blossoms, in which petals and fragrance can be found everywhere. The cherry blossoms in Zhongshan Park, spring flowers, peach blossoms, jellyfish flowers and peach blossoms in Sanming South Road and Eight Great Passes all offer great scenery.


the summer of qingdao

Weather: The temperature averages around 17°C/62.6°F – 28°C/82.4°F. It is very hot and most of the rainfall occurs at this time.
Clothing: The temperature difference between day and night is minor. T-shirts, shorts or short skirts are suitable clothes. Please note sun stroke prevention, and use sun block to avoid sunburn. Bring rain gear on rainy days for outdoor activities.
Things to do: the night views of Stone Father, May Fourth Square and the bathing beach are all great. Tourists may have Tsingtao beer and shrimps – but always check whether the price is for one shrimp in a dish or for all. It is a local scandal, and yet, common practice, until some years ago. China national TV once made a feature about that.


the autumn of qingdao

Weather: It is still hot in the fall, with the maximum temperature around 35°C/95°F. It is mostly sunny with moderate rainfall.
Clothing: From 9 am to 6 pm, wear shorts or skirts and T-shirts. T-shirts and trousers are proper for the time between 7:00pm to 8:00am in the next morning. It is recommended to take sun protection measures, such as sunscreen, sun protective clothing, sun umbrella, etc. for outdoor activities.
Things to do: The scenery of Mount Lau at that time has many beautiful colors, such as the yellow, light green and dark red. Fragrant cones can be seen in the huge watercolor painting.


the winter of qingdao

Weather: The temperature averages around 4°C/39.2°F – 25°C/77°F, and the temperature difference between day and night is great. The air is dry and there is little rain.
Clothing: From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, wear a jacket, put on fine sweaters and trousers and from 6 pm to 10 am in the next morning, wear cotton jackets and thermal clothes to keep warm.
Things to do: Mt. Lao in winter is covered by snow. It feels tranquil to take a tour in it. The warm spring therein will bring warmth even in the harsh winter. Walking along the seashore, hundreds of migratory birds are soaring and playing. Sometimes, people can find themselves in a red-crowned crane flock. One can always find beautiful scenes and interesting things to do in Qingdao in winter.

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