Datong Weather in December

Datong Weather in December

December is one of the coldest months in Datong, when the lowest temperature can decrease to -19℃/-2.2℉. And the highest temperature is just 3℃/37.4℉. It is quite cold and with no rain.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
-3 -16 3 -19
26.6 3.2 37.4 -2.2

Sunny Days: 17 days
Cloudy Days:6 days
Overcast Days: 8 days

What to wear and bring

Early December
In early December, the temperature is between -15℃/5℉ and 3℃/37.4℉. It is really too cold to have activities outdoors. It is recommended that you wear the warmest clothing, and stay indoors to keep warm.

Compared to early December, this period is even colder. The temperature is between -16℃/3.2℉ and -1℃/30.2℉, and it is almost all sunny days. It is recommended that you wear a windbreaker, or a jacket and heavyweight pants to keep warm.

Late December
In late December, the temperature continues to drop, and the lowest can go down to -19℃/-2.2℉. It is recommended that you wear the warmest clothing and do not go outside.

Historical Datong Weather in December

historical datong weather in decemberclick here to enlarge
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