Datong Weather in October

Datong Weather in October

It begins to get colder in October. The average temperature is between -2℃/28.4℉ and 14℃/57.2℉. There are mostly sunny or cloudy days, with a few rainy days.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
14 -2 21 -8
57.2 28.4 69.8 17.6

Sunny Days: 22 days
Cloudy Days: 6 days
Overcast Days: 1 day
Rainy Days: 2 days

What to wear and bring

Early October
Early October is the warmest period in this month, when the highest temperature stays around 18℃/64.4℉. There are mostly sunny or cloudy days. It is recommended that you wear long sleeves and a coat.
Weather on the Chinese National Day
On the National Day, it is more often a sunny day and the temperature is between 0℃/32.0℉ and 20℃/68.0℉. It is a little bit cold, but sunny, and it is recommended that you wear a sweater, long pants and a coat.

The weather is similar to the early period, but with less rain. And it is recommended that you wear long sleeves, jeans and a coat. Because of the rainy days, bring your rain gear before you go out.

Late October
It is cold during late October, and the lowest temperature is between -6℃/21.2℉ and 0℃/32.0℉. Almost all of the days are sunny during the period. It is recommended that you wear clothing like a down-filled jacket, a windbreaker or a cotton-padded jacket to keep warm.

Historical Datong Weather in October

historical datong weather in octoberclick here to enlarge
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