Huangshan Weather in February

Huangshan Weather in February

Compared to January, there are more sunny days – about 11 days altogether. But the weather is generally similar to last month. The average minimum temperature is about -5℃/23℉. The highest maximum temperature is 1℃/66.2℉.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
11.2 1.5 19 -5
52.2 34.7 66.2 23

Sunny Days: about 11 days
Cloudy Days:about 4 days
Rainy Days: about 11 days
Overcast Days: about 1 day
Snowy Days: about 1 day

What to wear and bring?

In early February
The weather forecast in early February is mostly sunny, with some cloudy days and a slight chance of light rain, while the minimum temperature is between -1℃/30.2℉ and -5℃/23℉. You should wear a warm jacket, such as a down jacket, thick pants, and cover your head with something like maybe a large black hat of heavy wool, and bring an umbrella.

In mid-February
The Spring Festival is usually in Mid-February, and during this time the maximum temperature is usually around 14℃/57.2℉. This is likely to be a rainy day, so you just need to carry an umbrella and a water proof jacket when you go out. You will need to wear some thick pants, a warm jacket like a down jacket, and a wind-proof coat.

In late February
In late February the temperature rises gradually. The minimum temperature remains basically just above 2℃/35.6℉. There are more days of light rain. It is a good idea to wear a light sweater, and a light overcoat. You’d better bring rain gear if you go out.

Historical Weather in February

historical weather in februaryclick here to enlarge
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