Huangshan Weather

Huangshan Weather

How is the weather in Huangshan?

Located in the subtropics, Huangshan has a wet mild monsoon climate. Extremely heavy rainfall and fogs occur frequently. It is pretty wet in spring, moderately so in summer with no intense heat, dry in fall, and chilly in winter. The gap between average temperatures for all seasons is around 20 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit). The rainfall mainly happens in spring and summer. The spring and summer are much shorter than the fall and winter.

4-Day Huangshan Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Huangshan Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 1 2 6 11 15 18 20 20 17 13 8 3
High(℉) 33.8 35.6 42.8 51.8 59 64.4 68 68 62.6 55.4 46.4 37.4
Low (℃) -6 -4 -1 5 9 13 16 15 11 7 1 -3
Low(℉) 21.2 24.8 30.2 41 48.2 55.4 60.8 59 51.8 44.6 33.8 26.6
Rain (mm) 80 110 176 234 289 414 306 296 174 102 87 57


spring in xinanjiang river

The precipitation in Huangshan in spring is plentiful, during which time extreme cold, thick fog, thunder and lightning may happen. The climate on the top of Huangshan does not welcome the spring until the middle of May, which is one or two months later than the time spring comes to the foot of the mountain.

Clothing: It is wise to put on wind-proof coats, trousers, overcoats with long-sleeves. The temperature deep in the Huangshan scenic area is even lower, so it is sensible to bring along padded jackets and warm garments.

Things to do: Tourists come to appreciate the springs, strems and waterfalls in Huangshan. Many flowers bloom and many sprouts grow. It is no doubt one of the best seasons to visit Huangshan. Between the end of March and the beginning of April, rapeseed blooms are waving in the breeze. The green mountains and waters fold before visitors' eyes like a painting roll.

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summer in huangshan

Huangshan area is officially into the Meiyu rainy season (or ‘plum rain’) in the middle of June. The one-month of rainfall will bring 25%-30% of the annual volume. Note that the temperature differences between the top and the bottom is just huge.

Clothing: Breathable short-sleeves and pants are suitable for the time. To get deep into the Huangshan scenic area, winter jackets, outdoor clothing with fleece and woolen sweaters can be packed. Two pairs of trousers, a thin pair for the daytime and a warm one for the evening, are useful for fighting against the chill in the evening.

Things to do: Watch the sunrise and appreciate the magical power of nature. Take a stroll on Old Tunxi Street and admire the ancient communities of the South Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties styles.


autumn in huangshan

The cold air shows its muscle in fall. Although the temperature might be maintained at 15 ℃ (59 °F) in the day time, it quickly drops below 10 ℃ (50°F) as the sun goes down. So be careful to keep warm during that time.

Clothing: Wear short-sleeves to hike the mountain and bring along a jacket. You can get very hot when you are climbing a mountain. However, when you reach the top, a jacket will save you from catching a cold.

Things to do: Fall in Huangshan means azure skies, white clouds and fresh air. The riotous colors of the maple leaves and grasses and flowers exhibit the whole palette of the nature. Green pines, black stones, red maples and yellow chrysanthemum make a gorgeous sight.


winter in huangshan

Weather: The weather on top of Huangshan is obviously already winter by the end of September. During the long winter that usually lasts 7 months, the creator uses his "let it go" tricks to bring snowflakes, sleet, frost flowers and ice rains. It is often snowing on the top of the mountain and only raining at the foot. And even more amazing is to realize that this is southern China where snow is not that easy to see.

Clothing: Snow boots, woolen sweaters, leather trousers and down jackets are the wisest choices

Things to do: Please pay extra attention to the cold and the chance of skidding dangerously in the scenic area. If the above are well managed, a beautiful world of ice and snow is all yours.

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