Huangshan Weather in June

Huangshan Weather in June

The daytime temperatures vary between about 21.1℃/69.68℉ and 30.2℃/86.36℉. Among them, the maximum temperatures can go as high as 36℃/96.8℉ towards the end of the month. There are more cloudy days and more rainy days.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
36 17

Cloudy Days: about 13 days
Rainy Days: about 13 days
Overcast Days: about 4 days

What to wear and bring?

In early June
In early June, the maximum temperature is between 21℃/69.8℉ and 32℃/89.6℉. There are more rainy days. You’d better bring rain gear if you go out. When the temperature drops to 17℃/62.6℉, you should wear long sleeves, a thin coat, and trousers.

In mid-June
The temperatures in mid-June are getting hotter and drier for the month. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the highest temperature is likely to be up to 34℃/93.2℉. On this usually cloudy day, you just need to wear short sleeves, sandals and other cool clothes.

In late June
Compared to mid-June, the weather is likely to be hot. The highest temperature is likely to be 36℃/96.8℉ and the minimum temperatures will be around 23℃/73.4℉. You should wear shorts or skirts, short sleeves and sandals. There are more rainy days. It is necessary to go out with rain gear.

Historical Weather in June

historical weather in juneclick here to enlarge
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