Huangshan Weather in January

Huangshan Weather in January

Taking a trip to Huangshan in January is a good choice. The highest maximum temperature this month is 16℃/60.8℉. The average minimum temperature is about -5℃/23℉. There are likely to be about 5 days of snow, with several of them having light to moderate snow.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
8.2 1 16 -5
46.76 33.8 60.8 23

Sunny Days: about 6 days
Cloudy Days: about 7 days
Rainy Days: about 7 days
Overcast Days: about 6 days
Snowy day: about 5 days

What to wear and bring?

In early January
In early January, there are likely to be some rainy days. Bring an umbrella and wear water-proof shoes. The lowest minimum temperature is -5℃/23℉, and there may be rain and snow. It is recommended that you wear warm clothing. It can be warmer on New Year's day, with a maximum temperature of 14℃/57.2℉. On this often cloudy day, you just need to wear a thick sweater, a down jacket, thick pants and shoes with soft soles.

In mid-January
Compared to earlier in the month, the maximum temperature is little bit higher, which is between 9℃/48.2℉ and 16℃/60.8℉. There are likely to be more sunny days than early January.

In late January
At the end of month there could be a few snow days, with light to moderate snow. The average minimum temperature is around 0.4℃/32.72℉. It is possible that there will be rain and snow. Antiskid shoes need to be worn on sleety days to avoid accidents. You should wear warm trousers like maybe ski pants, a warm jacket such as a down jacket, and something to keep your head warm like a large black hat of heavy wool.

Historical Weather in January

historical weather in januaryclick here to enlarge
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