Lijiang Weather in August

Lijiang Weather in August

The rain seems like it never ends in Lijiang in August. Rain gear becomes your ultimate companion when traveling here at this time of year. The average temperature in August is between 14 and 23°C (57 – 73°F). Compared to other regions in China, the summer here offers an extremely cozy feeling. People who wish to escape from the heat in summer meet in Lijiang.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
23 14 28 13
73.4 57.2 82.4 55.4

Cloudy Days: 4 day
Rainy Days: 27 days

What to wear and bring?

Early August

The average temperature in early August is between 15 and 25°C (59 – 77°F). It rains almost every day. Rain gear is required in light rains or moderate rains. Consider wearing thin hoodies in the day time and adding track jackets in the night time to avoid catching a cold from the great temperature differences.


The average temperature in mid-August is between 15 and 23°C (59 – 73°F). The weather can be moderate rain or a shower, or even a light rain sometimes. Consider wearing thin T-shirts and other air permeable clothing in the day time and bringing windproof coats jackets in the night time to avoid catching a cold from the great temperature differences.

Late August

Late August can see great temperature fluctuations. The highest temperature in the day time can reach 28°C (82°F). There is great temperature difference with an average value staying between 13 and 24°C (55 – 75°F). Consider wearing thin shirts in the day time and bringing jackets in the night time in case of the temperature drop. There can be torrential rains among light and moderate rains. Do bring rain gear for travelling.

Historical Lijiang Weather in August

historical lijiang weather in augustclick here to enlarge
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