Lijiang Weather in November

Lijiang Weather in November

It is officially winter for Lijiang when it comes to November. Clear days are taking over. It can be quite warm in the day time and extremely chilly in the evening. Note the temperature differences in one day. The monthly average temperature stands between 3 and 17°C (37 – 63°F). Be prepared for a relatively cold evening even when it is warm in the day time.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
17 2 21 0
62.6 35.6 69.8 32

Sunny Days: 12 days
Cloudy Days: 11 days
Rainy Days: 7 days

What to wear and bring?

Early November

The average temperature in early November is between 2 and 17°C (36 – 63°F. Half of the time it is rainy, with showers and drizzles expected. Please follow the weather forecast and bring rain gear and warm clothing if necessary. Put on woolen sweaters in the day time and wear padded jackets in the evening to fend off the winter chill.


Most of the days are clear or cloudy. It can be pretty warm in the day time and extremely chilly in the evening. The temperature fluctuations are between 4 and 20°C (39 – 68°F). Please consider wearing jackets and avoid direct sunlight exposure. Put on coats in the chilly night to avoid catching a cold.

Late November

The temperature will drop in late November. Most of the days can be cloudy and it drizzles for 1 or 2 days. Please bring along your rain gear if necessary. The average temperature stays between 1 and 15°C (34 – 59°F) and it can drop below freezing point. It is wise to put on windbreakers and woolen sweaters in the day time and down jackets in the evening.

Historical Lijiang Weather in November

historical lijiang weather in novemberclick here to enlarge
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