Chengdu Weather in December

Chengdu Weather in December
By Shirley Li
Web Editor

The weather in December is cold, with the average minimum going down to 3°C/37.4°F, and there are more sunny days and cloudy days. The air is dry because of less rainy days.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
11 3 14 -4
51.8 37.4 57.2 24.8

Sunny Days: about 9 days

Cloudy Days: about 14 days

Rainy Days: about 3 days

Overcast Days: about 5 days

What to wear and bring?

Early December

In early December, there are a few rainy days. The temperatures are between 13°C/55.4°F and 1°C/33.8°F, so it is important to keep warm. It is recommended to wear a thick sweater, with a down jacket, and with thick pants.


Compared to early in the month, the lowest temperature goes down to 0°C/32°F, and there are more sunny days. But you also need to wear warm clothing to keep warm, such as a sweater with a coat, or a down jacket.

Late December

The weather is similar to the middle of the month, and you need to wear a thick sweater, with a down jacket, thick pants and shoes with soft soles. Sometimes you also need a hat to keep warm.

Historical Chengdu Weather in December

historical beijing weather in decemberclick here to enlarge
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