Chengdu Weather

Chengdu Weather

How is the weather in Chengdu?

Chengdu enjoys mild weather all year round, featuring four clear-cut seasons, a long frost-free period, abundant rainfall and less sunshine. The hottest season here is during July and August, which is also the rainy season. The coldest month is January, and the rainfall in December and January is scant. Insufficient heat, heavy rain, and less sunshine all year round have created this cloudy and misty weather. Chengdu has a typical mountain climate: a long spring with low temperatures, a short overcast summer, a cool and rainy autumn, and a cold and snowy winter.

Chengdu Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 10 12 16 22 26 28 30 30 25 21 16 11
High(℉) 50 53.6 71.6 78.8 78.8 82.4 86 86 77 69.8 60.8 51.8
Low (℃) 3 5 9 13 17 20 22 22 19 15 10 5
Low(℉) 37.4 41 48.2 55.4 62.6 68 71.6 71.6 66.2 59 50 41
Rain (mm) 7 11 20 47 82 110 223 227 115 40 16 6


Chengdu spring

Weather: The temperature rises early, but it is unstable, and periods of continuous low temperature might appear. In early spring, there are usually cold spells, and people might feel that the winter is not over yet. After April, stormy weather might appear.

Clothing: People with sensitive skins should wear dust masks before going out in spring, or take anti-allergy drugs according to their health conditions. People who are afraid of being cold should bring their winter clothes.

Things to do: Spring is the season of flowers. In spring, large areas of flowers bloom in urban Chengdu and the surrounding suburbs, and the temperature is pleasant, fit for an outing. Tourists can try volunteering for the pandas, or go visit the Leshan Buddha.

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Chengdu Summer

Weather: In early summer, the temperatures are moderate, but they vary greatly during the same day. Midsummer is hot and rainy, and the temperature will be around 30°C with intense sunlight. Summer rainfall is the highest, accounting for 50-60% of the whole year’s rainfall.

Clothing: For summer clothes, choose short sleeves and shorts that will keep you cool, with one or two long sleeves in case of rainy, cold days. Rain gear, sunshade, sunglasses, and sunscreen are also essential as it is important to protect the skin against sunburn.

Things to do: As the weather in summer is stuffy, you might want to stay indoors or visit some cool summer resorts, such as Mount Emei, Dujiang River, or Jinsha Ruins.

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Chengdu Autumn

Weather: Autumn is short and cool. There are rainy days and clear days. From September to October, the temperature does not vary much from summer. Not until late October or early November will you feel the coolness of autumn.

Clothing: Wear summer clothes and bring your long sleeves, trousers, overcoats, and wind-proof coats, in case the temperature drops.

Things to do: Autumn in Chengdu is more scenic compared to other seasons. It is the best time to visit Chengdu at this time of the year.

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Chengdu Winter

Weather: In winter you won’t experience extreme coldness. Chengdu will enter the winter season around late November or early December, when the temperature gradually decreases, and the weather becomes dry and cold as sunshine becomes scant.

Clothing: Cold-proof overcoats, down coats, cotton-padded clothes, and cotton-padded trousers.

Things to do: If you visit Chengdu in winter, you can choose to go to some cultural sites such as Wuhou Temple or Jinli Ancient Street. The snow in Dufu Cottage is uniquely charming. You can also have a try at the Sichuan hotpot.

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