Hangzhou Weather

Hangzhou Weather

How is the weather in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou enjoys a northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, characterized by a warm spring, hot summer, cool fall and cold winter. It features plenty of rainfall and adequate sunshine. The air is usually moist.

4-Day Hangzhou Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Hangzhou Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 8 10 14 21 25 29 33 33 28 23 17 11
High(℉) 46.4 50 57.2 69.8 77 84.2 91.4 91.4 82.4 73.4 62.6 51.8
Low (℃) 1 3 6 12 17 21 25 21 21 15 9 3
Low(℉) 33.8 37.4 42.8 53.6 62.6 69.8 77 77 69.8 59 48.2 37.4
Rain (mm) 72 85 125 127 157 211 147 148 150 78 61 51


spring in hangzhou

Weather: As the temperature increases in March and April, the number of tourists grows too. The weather becomes unsettled after March and brings more rainfall. The temperature can change really fast. In May, the so-called ‘Meiyu’ or ‘plum’ rains arrive, and generally last about 20 days. The precipitation at this time can be huge.

Clothing: Woolen sweaters and jackets are necessary in the early spring. When it gets warmer, shirts, wind-proof coats, T-shirts, cardigans, etc. are all good choices. Sometimes, only a shirt or a garment of a single layer would suffice.

Things to do: Admiring flowers along Su Dyke in spring or experiencing the tranquility in Wuzhen (a typical Jiangnan Region water town) in the drizzle is quite an exotic tour.


summer in hangzhou

Weather: It can be blistering hot and damp in summer. The average temperature stays around 35 ℃ (95°F). The Meiyu rain period usually ends in mid or late June. When it comes to July and August, the weather is mostly clear. Most of the rainfall comes in the form of thunderstorms.

Clothing: Cool and breathable cotton and linen clothes such as shirts, thin long dresses and thin t-shirts are recommended during the day. Sun block measures and rain gear are all necessary.

Things to do: The fragrance of lotus that spreads over West Lake in the mid-summer is really pleasant. To bicycle around Thousand Islets or visit Lingyin Temple in the quiet woods are lovely options.


autumn in hangzhou

Weather: Fall in Hangzhou is quite short. It is cool at dawn and dusk. There can be rain occasionally. The temperature is high around noon. Please take measures to protect yourself from the sun.

Clothing: Short-sleeves and shorts can go with thin long-sleeved jackets to cope with the low temperature in the early and late part of the day.

Things to do: Sweet-scented Osmanthus is all around in Hangzhou during fall. Xixi (literally West Brook) National Wetland Park, densely crisscrossed with six main watercourses, among which are scattered various ponds, lakes and swamps, has lovely scenery to enjoy while boating, hiking, or breathing.


winter in hangzhou

Weather: The temperature drops to freezing point in the middle December. Frost and ice appear. For most days, it is sunny or cloudy. Snowfall and rainfall can be expected in the deep winter.

Clothing: Thermal pants and trousers, woolen sweaters and pullovers, along with down-padded jackets or wadded clothes are the best choices to fend off the chill.

Things to do: The West Lake in the snow is widely adored. Taking a stroll after the snow falls is just nostalgic and warm, too.

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