Dali Weather in April

Dali Weather in April

Compared to Last month, the average maximum temperature is higher at 23℃/73.4℉. At the same time, the highest maximum temperature drops to 27℃/80.6℉. There are likely to be only about nine sunny days in this month.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
23 10 27 6
73.4 50.0 80.6 42.8

Sunny Days: 9 days
Cloudy Days: 12 days
Overcast Days: 9 days

What to wear and bring

Early April
The weather is nice in early April. The temperature can be from 6℃/42.8℉ to 25℃/77℉. There are plenty of cloudy days and a couple of rainy days so you can go out and have a good time. You’d better bring rain gear to go out.
Weather on Tomb Sweeping Day
During the Qing Ming Festival, the maximum temperature is usually about 23℃/73.4℉. The minimum temperature is 8℃/46.4℉. On this often cloudy day, long sleeves, shirts, trousers and a thin coat is adequate clothing.

During the middle period of this month, the temperature is between 9℃/48.2℉ and 25℃/75.2℉. You will need to wear long sleeves, thin pants, and a wind proof coat or a thin coat. There are a couple of rainy days, so you’d better take an umbrella when you want to go out.

Late April
In late April, the highest maximum temperature is 27℃/80.6℉ and the minimum temperature is around 11℃/51.8℉. There will probably be about four rainy days, you will need to wear T-shirts, short sleeved shirts, thin pants, and bring a thin coat or a thin sweater. And don’t forget to bring an umbrella in case it’s a rainy day.

Historical Dali Weather in April

historical dali weather in aprilclick here to enlarge
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