Zhangjiajie Weather in January

Zhangjiajie Weather in January

January is the coldest month in Zhangjiajie, and there is a lot of snow and rain. The average temperature drops to 7°C/44.6°F. Being influenced by snowy days, the extreme minimum temperatures can drop to -3°C/26.6°F.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
7 1 14 -3
44.6 33.8 57.2 26.6

Sunny Days: about 4 days
Cloudy Days:about 9 days
Rainy Days: about 7 days Overcast Days: about 3 days Snowy Days: about 8 days

What to wear and bring?

In early January
In early January, there are some rainy days and some snowy days, and it may even snow continuously for a couple of days early in the month. It is recommended that you wear warm clothing such as woolen clothes, padded winter coats, leather jackets, down jackets, and fur coats. The ground is often wet and slippery, and you need to avoid falling by wearing suitable shoes.
It can be warmer on New Year's day, with a maximum temperature of 10°C/50°F, and on this overcast day, you just need to wear a thick sweater, with a down jacket, thick pants and comfortable shoes with soft soles.

In mid-January
The middle period of this month is relatively warm, because the days are mostly sunny with some clouds, and the temperature is between 14°C/57.2°F and 0°C/32. It is recommended that you wear a thick sweater with a down jacket, or a fur coat.

In late January
The coldest days are in late January. The minimum temperature goes down to -3℃/26.6℉, and it is especially important to keep warm. it is suggested that you wear warm clothing such as padded or woolen clothes, a winter coat, and a leather jacket. Sometimes you need to wear woolen gloves and a hat.

Historical Weather in January

historical weather in click here to enlarge
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