Zhangjiajie Weather in November

Zhangjiajie Weather in November

It is a little cold in November, and the average temperature is between 17℃/62.6℉ and 9℃/48.2℉. About 23 days of the month are without rain, sunny or cloudy.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
17 9 26 5
62.6 48.2 78.8 41.0

Sunny Days: about 9 days
Cloudy Days: about 6 days
Rainy Days: about 7 days
Overcast Days: about 8 days

What to wear and bring?

In early November
Early November is the warmest period in this month, the highest temperature is basically above 22℃/71.6℉. So it is recommended that you wear coats with long sleeves, or a warm sweater.

In mid-November
The temperature in the middle of the month is lower than early in the month, and is between 17℃/62.6℉ and 5℃/41℉. It is likely to rain lightly for a couple of days. Wearing thick padded jackets, warm coats and other wind-proof clothes is necessary.

In late November
The weather situation is similar to the previous period. And there are a few light rainy days. Wear large cotton-padded clothes, warm clothes and thick shoes. In order to prevent wind damage, it is best to wear a knitted cap, scarf and gloves.

Historical Weather in November

historical weather in novemberclick here to enlarge
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