How to Travel to Gubeikou Great Wall?

How to Travel to Gubeikou Great Wall?

How to get there from downtown Beijing


You can take bus 980 Express “980快” from Dongzhimen Transport Hub to its terminus at Miyun Shaonian Gong station. Go forward along the street 200m to Jingmi Road, and walk east for about 200m to find the stop for bus 25, which runs to Gubeikou. Then take a taxi and drive about 4km to the Gubeikou Great Wall.

The last bus 25 back to Miyu leaves at 16:30, and the last bus 980 back to Dongzhimen is at 18:30.


It costs about 1000 to 1200yuan for a round trip from Beijing to the Gubeikou Great Wall.

The Best Time to Go to the Gubeikou Great Wall

The best times to visit the Great Wall would be April, May, September, and October when there is favorable weather and splendid scenery. Summer is peak season, so it is better to avoid the blinding heat and crowded sections, while winter is bitterly cold with a snowy landscape and there are almost no crowds.

What to Prepare

Dress for hiking: wear comfortable shoes, and appropriate clothing for your convenience.

Visit early to avoid crowds: If you happen to visit during peak season, prepare to wake up early to help avoid the crowds and have a delightful travel experience.

For camping: Remember to bring all the equipment for your camping, because the shops at the foot of the wall do not sell any camping supplies.

Highlights on the Gubeikou Great Wall

Located in Miyun District of Beijing, the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall, built in 555 CE, is about 10km long. It can be separated into two parts: the western end is Wohushan, and the eastern part is known as Panlongshan. As the Wohushan part has deteriorated and is very dangerous, the Panlongshan Part is recommended to visitors.

Hike on Gubeikou Great Wall

Gubeikou Great Wall retains many of the original features, and is different from other sections, because here you can vicariously experience the ups and downs of fortunes through history by visiting the Panlongshan part. The popular hiking route starts from the west end of Panlongshan Great Wall, when you walk east, the way leads you in the direction of Jinshanling Great Wall, and various other walls and towers en route. The weathered bricks exemplify its profound and unique characteristics. This 8km route will take you about 4 to 4.5 hours.

The General Tower

The General Tower is the highest ground in the Panlongshan Part, and the place set up for command. This square two-story tower 11 yards (10 meters) high was damaged in the fierce war. But if the weather is fine, you can look out over the Gubeikou, Jinshanling section and all the way to the Simatai Great Wall.

The 24-window Tower

This Tower is the last one at the end of the Panlongshan Great Wall, which had 24 observation windows, originally six on each side. It is a rare building on the Great Wall, as it was damaged in the war, and there are only two walls that remain now.

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