How to Travel to Simatai Great Wall

How to Travel to Simatai Great Wall

How to get there from downtown Beijing

  1. Book a private day trip with us. You will be accompanied with your personal car and bilingual tour guide. You will enjoy flexible and customized services, and have a great value experience.
  2. How to get there on your own

You should take subway line 2 or line 13 to Dongzhimen Station first, and then take bus line 980 or 980 Express from Dongzhimen Transit Hub to Miyun west Bridge Station. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Transfer to bus Mi 37, Mi 50, or Mi 51 to Simatai Village Station. Then walk to the entrance of Gubei Water Town where you will find the ticket office.

The Best Time to Go to the Simatai Great Wall

Late spring and autumn are the best seasons. With lush flowering plants surrounding the mountain, this picturesque site is rich in historical interest and natural beauty.

Highlights on Simatai Great Wall

1. Fairy Tower

Simatai Fairy Tower

There are many interesting legends about the Fairy Tower. The most popular one is that the Lotus Flower Fairy once resided here, and she fell in love with a shepherd who was protecting this tower. This tower is tall and narrow, looming up into the clouds. Its white marble arched portals carve beautiful lotus reliefs that are unique. Near to Fairy Tower is Wangjing Tower (Watching Beijing Tower). It is the highest spot on the Wall, about 986 meters high and providing a panoramic view.

Looking down from the top of Fairy Tower, you may enjoy the sheer cliffs. It is connected with the Jinshanling section at the northwest. The whole Wall is shaped like a dragon lying on the hillside which is about to fly up into the sky. Assorted watchtowers stand on each top point displaying sublime beauty. Yan Mountains and the vast Northern China plain can be seen far away on the horizon.

2. Yuanyang (Mandarin Duck) Lake

This lake is a combination of a hot spring and a cold spring so that the water of the lake is half hot and half cold. There is a hot spring on its west side, which is always surrounded by lush grass. The water temperature keeps at 37℃ all year round so there are lots of fish in it. While on its east side, the water is icy cold.

Yuanyang Lake

3. Unique Structure of the Wall

The wall itself was constructed against the precipitous slope, characterized by a steep gradient, dense vegetation and various patterns in the form of the wall. The first pattern you will see is the conventional appearance of the Great Wall, with battlements on each side of the track. Half of the Wall built is on steep cliffs, with the battlements built only on the outer side. The slope and width also change dramatically depending on the different terrain. Some segments along the gentle slopes are so wide that even horses can walk along, while only one person can pass through on some narrow parts.

Travel Tips about Simatai Great Wall

  1. It is about 2.5 kilometers from the ticket office to the Wall. A shuttle bus is recommended which costs CNY 10 per person for a single ride.
  2. You need to walk through Gubei Water Town to climb the Wall even when you don’t want to visit the Town. Follow the guidance to go through the town so as not to waste too much time in it.
  3. It’s better to make a reservation in advance, as there are a limited number of a visitors in each time interval. Reservations can be made at or by calling +86 10-81009999.
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