How to Travel to Jiankou Great Wall?

How to Travel to Jiankou Great Wall?

How to get there from downtown Beijing

  1. Book our private one-day tour with your personal car and bilingual tour guide. You will enjoy flexible and customized services, and have a great value experience.
  2. How to get there on your own

By bus

Take fast bus line No. 916 from Dongzhimen Station to Huairou Station, and transfer to the Huairou bus line No. H10 to Yujiayuan Station. There is a total of 19 stations. It takes about 1 hour. The operation time is from 04:50 to 18:50.

Charter a mini-bus

You could charter a mini-bus if there are more than 10 people. As the cost of will fluctuate in different seasons, CET will help you if you need it.

The Best Time to Go to the Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou Great Wall offers beautiful views all year around, while the best time falls in September and October considering the climate and security.

How to visit the Jiankou Great Wall in 2 Days

Hiking is one of the most popular ways to visit Jiankou Great Wall.

Jiankou Great Wall Hiking

Day1: Xizhazi Village—Jiankou—Sky Ladder—Eagle Flies Facing Upward Tower—Xizhazi Village

From Zhao’s Family Home to Jiankou Great Wall, go to Sky Ladder along the Great Wall. Sky
Ladder is steep and hard to climb with its height of ten meters and a slope of 70 to 80 degrees with severe weathering. Climb up to the Sky Ladder. You are very close to the highest point of Jiankou Great Wall, Eagle Flies Facing Upward Tower. A watchtower built on a precipitous mountain top, which is so steep that an eagle has to face upward to fly over it. You can return to Xizhazi Village after this. This village is a base camp for all the hikers. Most hikers and photographers choose to rest or stay here overnight when visiting the Wall.

Day2: Xizhazi Village—Beijing Knot—Xizhazi Village

Visit Beijing Knot from Xizhazi Village. Beijing Knot is also named Great Wall Knot. It consists of three sections from different directions, just like three silk ribbons tied in a knot. It connects to Mutianyu Great Wall in the east, Huanghuacheng in the west and The Nine Eye Tower in the north.

Return to Xizhazi Village, and then go back to Beijing after lunch.

Camping on the Jiankou Great Wall

Hiking and Camping

Day 1: Visit Wofo Mountain Villa and climb up to Jiankou Great Wall, and then camp at Zhengbeilou.

Day 2: Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu, which is the most scenic section. Take a cable car to the exit of Mutianyu, and then return to Beijing.


  1. Professional mountaineering shoes are highly recommended.
  2. If you are not going to camp overnight, you’d better carry a small bag to bring some water, snacks, your camera, and a jacket. Heavy bags will make the hiking even more difficult.
  3. If you are going to camp, there is a lot more to prepare. It is suggested that you camp inside a watchtower, which is safer and warmer. Due to the limited space in a watchtower, your tents should not be too big. 2 to 4 people in a group is enough for one watchtower. Bring some snacks, such as chocolate, beef jerky and some fruit for your energy supply.
  4. Pay more attention when you are carrying a heavy bag or if you are a photographer. Jiankou section of the Great Wall is one of the most dangerous, with loose stones, steep steps and falling rocks...
  5. Jiankou Great Wall is totally un-restored. Please bring enough food and water for hiking. You can buy it there from the local villagers but some of them are more expensive.

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