How to Travel to Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

How to Travel to Huanghuacheng Great Wall?

How to get there from downtown Beijing

Route 1:

Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen Transport Hub to the Huanghuacheng Great Wall directly. Departure time is 08:30, and 16:00 return. It may take 1.5 – 2 hours to travel, and it costs 35RMB/per one-way ticket. This direct bus runs during Chinese official holidays in peak season from April to October.

Route 2:

Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen Transport Hub to Huairou Bus Station, transfer to H21 from Huairou to Huanghuacheng Great Wall directly. It takes more than 3 hours.

The Best Time to Go to the Huanghuacheng Great Wall

The best time to visit the Huanghuacheng Great Wall is in spring, early summer and autumn, which is late March, April, May, June, September, and October. Spring is a delightful time to visit, with the mild climate, and lush trees and flowers. Beijing in summer is the rainy season with heat, so July and August are not good times. Autumn is a beautiful season in Beijing with comfortable temperatures and colorful leaves.

Highlights of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng Great Wall stretches 12.4km with 32 guard towers, 12 beacon-towers, 6 passes, and 6 forts. As it has never been restored, the flagstones of this section are solid. Despite this section being a little steep, it is also favored by hikers.

Unique waterside Great Wall

Huanghuacheng section is not crowded. Here you can see the partial Great Wall that goes under the water, as the building of Xishuiyu Dam caused the water level to rise, which made this segment of wall have a special characteristic differing from other sections, and offers a spectacular view of the Great Wall reflected in the water.

Various sceneries and activities

You can experience different activities, like taking a boat on the lake, to appreciate the Great Wall on the surrounding mountains. Hike on the Great Wall to enjoy the breathtaking 360° view of the mountains and beyond. You can also hike around the lake and across the dam instead of climbing the mountains. Some of the stairs are very steep, but you will be satisfied with your achievement and the scenery when you climb to the top. During summer the countryside around Huanghuacheng's Great Wall is clothed in yellow, as masses of wild flowers come into bloom.

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