Xi'an Weather in July

 Xi'an Weather in July

This is the hottest month in Xi’an. The maximum temperature can reach 41℃/105.8℉. About 24 days of the month are without rain, sunny or cloudy.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum

Sunny Days: 11 days
Cloudy Days: 13 days
Rainy Days: 6 days
Overcast Days: 1 day

What to wear and bring

Early July
The maximum temperature remains steady at around 37℃/98.6℉ in early July. You need to take care to prevent heatstroke. Wear light, comfortable clothing such as shorts. Do not stay outdoors in the sunshine for any length of time. The temperature drops a little when it rains, but it will be humid.

Mid July
Compared to early July, the temperatures of this period are even higher. The maximum temperature can reach 40℃/104℉~41℃/105.8℉ for several consecutive days. It is important to stay cool and avoid heatstroke. Wearing cool clothes and staying indoors out of the sun is recommended.

Late July
The weather is similar to the middle of July, and the high temperatures continue. But there may be a couple of days of rain towards the end of the month, when the minimum temperature may go down to 20℃/68℉. So remember to add some clothes and avoid catching a cold.

Historical Xi'an Weather in July

historical xian weather in julyclick here to enlarge
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