Xi'an Weather

Xi'an Weather

With its mild climate and moderate rainfall, Xi’an has four distinct seasons. The spring is warm, mostly dry, and windy; the summer is hot and rainy, with occasional thunderstorms and gusty winds; autumn is cool, with the temperature falling rapidly when it rains; and the winter is cold and dry. Xi’an can be susceptible to occasional fog, but in general, due to its location in a more arid section of the country, it doesn’t rain or snow here as much as in many other cities.

4-Day Xi'an Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Xi'an Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 5 8 14 21 26 32 32 31 25 19 19 6
High(℉) 41 46.4 57.2 69.8 78.8 89.6 89.6 87.8 77 66.2 66.2 48.8
Low (℃) -4 -1 4 9 14 19 19 21 16 10 10 -3
Low(℉) 24.8 30.2 39.2 48.2 57.2 66.2 66.2 69.8 60.8 50 50 26.6
Rain (mm) 7 10 26 45 58 58 101 77 95 62 62 7

(Note: expect the top of HuaShan to be at least 15°F (8℃) cooler than the base and windy – making the temperature feel even colder. In fact, many report the temperature difference to feel more like 25°F/13℃ cooler.)


Xian spring

Weather: Xi'an often has rainy weather in spring, with quickly alternating hot and cold days. As the temperatures begin picking up in March, “late spring coldness” comes back now and then. The days are really getting warm in April and mid-April. As cold weather may visit in early and mid-April, then the temperatures surge in late April. The relative humidity value for all days are quite even. It becomes hot in May, but there are large temperature differences between day and night.

Clothing: Thin knit sweaters, long-sleeved T-shirts, trousers, jackets, windbreakers, long coats, etc., are the clothes for the constantly changing weather. Thin padded coats can be put on in the "late spring coldness".

Things to do: Spring is a reasonable season for tourism. The charm of the ancient capital shows in the blooming season.

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Xian summer

Weather: In early and mid-June it is summer, and it can be relatively dry as the temperatures go up. But the large temperature differences between day and night still prevail. It rains a lot from late June to mid-July but the temperature is quite steady. The average daily temperature is between 25 and 28°C. The summer drought lingers between July and late August. The maximum temperatures surge to approximately 35-40°C. In addition, with heavy rainfall, the air is relatively high in humidity. Heavy rain, high temperature and high humidity happen from time to time. The temperature gaps between day and night temperatures can be 9-10 °C.

Clothing : Sunshades, sun protection clothing, sunblock cream are necessary on sunny days. Bring rain gear to avoid catching a cold.

Things to do: Try to avoid visiting places that are not shaded during the day. Choose indoor attractions, such as visiting museums, visiting local communities and experiencing local daily life.

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Xian autumn

Weather: As the cold fronts from the north are coming between September to the beginning of October, the daily average temperature shows a downward trend. It rains much more in the season. From mid-October to the end of the month, more cold air from the north brings down the daily average temperature rapidly. It is quite cool and comfortable. In November, the real cold days begin and the central heating and community heating start in middle November.

Clothing: Wear skin care products and put on scarves, hats and gloves to in the cold and dry days. It is recommended to wear sweaters, thick coats, cotton or woolen trousers and woolen short jackets.

Things to do: Xi'an's colorful autumn and the scenery in Mt. Hua is just exceptional in the agreeable season.

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Xian winter

Weather: Gusty winds and fog come in the dry and cold winter. The harshest days are between December and January, where the northeast wind blows heavily. The temperature in February is not that harsh, but it is still cold.

Clothing: Wear base layers, woolen pullovers, down jackets, fleece leggings, snow boots or winter outdoor sports shoes, gloves, etc. Use a facial mask, moisturizer, lip balm and other nourishing skin care products.

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