Yunnan Tours

Yunnan Tours

Yunnan lies at the southwestern border of China and is a gateway to Southeast Asia. It is one of the most important cradles of human civilization, as the people who lived there 1.7 million years ago are the earliest humans discovered in Asia. The complex terrain, with its wide range of altitudes and climates, provides appropriate conditions for growing a variety of plants, making Yunnan a wonderland with its diverse natural scenery. Popular sites are Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Stone Forest, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Erhai Lake, Dian Lake, Pudacuo National Park, Xishuangbanna Rainforest, and many more. The old towns and Tibetan monasteries are also rich historical and cultural relics.

The climate in Yunnan is pleasant all year round. Kunming, the capital city, is also called the ‘Spring City’ for its mild temperatures. The ancient city of culture and history – Dali, the important channel of the Tea Horse Ancient Route – Lijiang, and the Lost Horizon – Shangri-La, are places you do not want to miss. Please check out the sample tours listed and you can click here to make your own Yunnan adventure trip.

Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking

2 Days Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tour

Known as the world’s deepest gorge, hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge will take you to a wonderland of steep cliffs, local Naxi residents, and a raging river.

Yunnan Tour of Natural Scenery and National Culture Colourful Yunnan

5-day Private Tour to Kunming - Dali - Lijiang

Located near the Southwest border of China, Yunnan Province, is an important region. There is an abundance of natural landscape. You can visit the old city and see traditional Bai architecture. Also you can learn about the Dongba Culture.

CET Advantages:

  • Witness the 'First Wonder of the World' – the Stone Forest
  • Visit Dali Old City to learn about the history
  • Taste the traditional three-course tea of the Bai people
  • Be stunned by Spruce Meadow on Jade Snow Mountain
  • Learn about the heritage of the Naxi people
  • Walk around the biggest local market in Lijiang old town
Tour to Ancient Town Lijiang and Mystical Lugu Lake Lugu Lake

5 Days Lijiang and Lugu Lake Tour

This 5-day tour focuses on Lijiang Old Town and Lugu Lake in northern Yunnan province. Lijiang is one of China’s most fascinating old towns. Its cobblestone lanes and traditional wooden buildings attract millions of visitors annually . Lugu Lake are famous for its breathtaking views and passionate traditions of the Mosuo tribe.

CET Advantages:

#1 Visit Lijiang Old Town that represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urban landscape of outstanding quality.

Lijiang Ancient Town

#2 Experience the culture of Naxi people - one of China’s most vibrant ethnic minorities. Their distinctive music, clothing, and language fascinated numerous explorers from the West in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Naxi People

#3 Visit Lugu Lake - With its unspoiled beauty, remote location, and rare customs has become legendary, a place of fascination.

Lugu Lake

#4 Learn more about the matriarchal way of living for the Mosuo People and their “Walking Marriage“ tradition.

Lugu Lake
Student Tour in Kunming and Lijiang Student Activities in Yunnan

7 Days Kunming - Lijiang Tour

We provide great opportunities to learn different ethnic culture in this tour, such as school exchange, interesting culture activities, family visit, and farm work experience. Students will have a new perspective on life and the world after this fantastic Yunnan education tour.

CET Advantages:

  • Culture exchange with local school
  • Outdoor game for learning Chinese culture of an ethnic group
  • Do farm work with local family
  • Hiking adventure on Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Have a Chinese cooking class
 Students Tour in South Yunnan Discover South Yunnan

7 Days Kunming – Jianshui – Yuanyang Tour

This extraordinary journey brings you to explore the Yunnan and deeply experience local life and culture. Marvel at the insight and human effort that went into creating the village of stone-buildings and the Rice Terraces, enjoy the distinctive minority people’s costume and real life, and join in their handcraft making and farm work.

CET Advantages:

  • Make Sani embroidery
  • Hike the wonder of Yuanyang Rice Terraces
  • Experience the Confucius culture in Jianshui
  • Learn cooking and farm work
  • Take an old-style train to visit Tuanshan Village
  • Tofu workshop experience
Discover the Amazing Yuanyang Terraced Fields Yuanyang Terraced Fields

5 Days Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields Tour

This 5-day tour focuses on Jianshui and Yuanyang of Yunan province, which is famed for its colorful ethnic minority cultures and splendid landscapes

CET Advantages:

#1 Visit the 270 million-year-old Karst topography at Stone Forest, some of the monoliths resemble Easter Island or Stonehenge. Stone Forest

#2 Visit southern Yunnan's cultural gem -Jianshui, we'll include the visit to the 700+ years old Confucian Temple which is No.2 in size in China, and Zhu Family Garden depicting buildings dating back to the Qing Dynasty. Jianshui Ancient Town

#3 View spectacular sunrise and sunset at Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields that cascade down the slopes of the mountains giving you plenty of photo opportunities. Immerse yourself in the Hani culture and lifestyle here. Yuanyang Terraced Rice Fields

Xishuangbanna Water-Splashing Festival Tour Xishuangbanna Water-Splashing Festival

4 Days Yunnan Xishuangbanna Tour 2023 & 2024

Immerse yourself in the spirited custom of water-splashing for good fortune, and explore the must-see attractions of Xishuangbanna, such as the Wild Elephant Valley, Tropical Plants Garden, Dai Minority Park, Mengle Great Buddhist Monastery, and Manting Park. Join us for an unforgettable cultural adventure!

CET Advantages:

  • Get ready for a thrilling Water-Splashing Festival extravaganza!
    Dive into the heart of the most exhilarating Water-Splashing Festival and revel in a wet and wild celebration like never before!
  • Encounter the majestic Banna Wild Elephants!
    Come face-to-face with Banna's awe-inspiring wild elephants as they roam freely in their stunning natural habitat.
  • Explore an exotic tropical paradise!
    Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind tropical adventure, where lush landscapes and captivating vistas create an unforgettable experience!