Datong Tours

Datong Tours

Datong is located in the north of China, about 350 km from Beijing. It was one of the nine famous capitals of ancient China. Bordering with Inner-Mongolia, it is the gateway to northern China. Not only does it have numerous historical sites but also plentiful Buddhist relics. It truly reflects the civilization of early China. Besides this, its rich coal resources have made it one of China's largest coal energy bases. Datong is in the temperate zone, with a semi-arid continental monsoon climate, and it has four distinct seasons. In general, it is a dry, cold and windy climate with a large temperature difference between night and day.

Food in Datong is representative of classic northern Shanxi cuisine. It still features a variety of cooked wheaten food. Influenced by the dietary habits of the grassland nomads further north, the local people are especially good at cooking beef and mutton.

The combination of the rich tourism resources, pleasant weather and tasty food make Datong an ideal place to visit. Check out our sample tours to plan your own dream trip to Datong.

Datong Buddhist Culture Tour from Beijing Buddhist Culture

2-Day Buddhist Culture Tour in Datong

Datong is known as the "capital in three dynasties and military town in two dynasties" and was once the center of Buddhism. There are many historical traces of Buddhism. You will see the famous Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Hanging Monastery and Ying Xian Wooden Pagoda.

CET Advantages:

  • Appreciate grotto art in Yungang Grottoes
  • Know about period carving through different styles of Buddha statues
  • Visit the most ancient temple built in the Liao Jin Period
  • Be surprised by one of the world's ten most endangered buildings
  • Climb on the Hanging Monastery built along Hengshan Mountain
  • See the tallest wooden pagoda in the world